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Smart Logistics Industry Weekly Information 04

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The rookie released the "logistics sky eye" system, the six major express companies have been connected to double 11 speed

On September 26, the rookie announced a formal video cloud monitoring system along with the express partner. The use of the system means that millions of cameras in various logistics stations across the country will be upgraded from simple monitoring and backtracking facilities to intelligent sensing devices, and the “logistics eye” will be opened to realize intelligent management of the station.

Debon, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baishi, Yunda and other express delivery companies signed a contract with the rookie on the same day, officially accessing this intelligent system based on logistics IoT. This system will play a role in this year's double 11.

In May of this year, Debon Express took the lead in testing the “Logistics Eyes” system. The calculation showed that the efficiency of the transfer in the Debon Express site increased by 15% after accessing the system. According to Debon Express's estimate, after accessing this system, Debon Express can save nearly 10 million yuan a year. If we count the improvement of logistics efficiency and the reduction of cargo loss rate, we can generate more than 100 million yuan in one year.


China Railway Group and China Grain Flow Co., Ltd. will jointly build a “iron-sea combined transport” class

On September 26, Wu Yongqi, deputy general manager of China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Railway Set”) and Lu Zongjun, Chairman of China Grains Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Grain Flow Shares”), held a meeting at Shanghai Railway Building. forum. The two sides reached a series of consensus through friendly negotiation and signed a strategic cooperation agreement to further develop their respective advantages in the aspects of iron-sea combined transport, resource allocation, customer development, and learning and training, and carry out in-depth cooperation between the strategic and business levels to promote the strategic development goals of both parties. The realization of the development of the logistics industry in line with the trend of the country's revitalization of the logistics industry, to achieve the purpose of the organic integration of iron transportation, shipping, to achieve effective linkage between the two, can achieve a vote in the end, a box in the end, so that customers feel efficient, convenient and fast Service experience.

On the day of signing, the “Kunming-Qinzhou Port” class, which was jointly established by China Grains Co., Ltd. and China Railway Container Co., Ltd., was officially opened. It is planned to be held once a week, every Wednesday, and the official opening of this class and this year’s April 26th. The "Qinzhou Port-Kunming" class established by China Railway Group and China Grains Co., Ltd. will form a round-trip train. It will realize the further convection of the southwest region's supply and take a key step to improve the layout of the southwest railway logistics network, and further consolidate the cooperation between the two sides. basis.


ABB launches its most compact and lightweight six-axis robot to date

At the China International Industry Fair in 2018 in Shanghai, ABB introduced the IRB 1100 robot, which is ABB's most compact and lightweight robot to date and part of its expanding small assembly solution. The IRB 1100 addresses the unique challenges of semiconductor, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturers to meet their high speed, efficiency and high quality handling of small and fragile parts. The takt time is shortened by 35%, the floor space is reduced by 10%, the weight is reduced by more than 20%, the installation is flexible and convenient, the production efficiency is higher, and the leading repeat positioning accuracy is suitable for high-quality manufacturing production.


The first e-commerce law summit forum was held in Beijing

Recently, the first e-commerce law summit forum was held in Beijing. Experts and scholars from the China International Business Center, the National People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee, the Supreme People's Court, the Beijing Internet Court, the China E-commerce Law Network, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences University gathered together to represent more than 100 legal workers and media representatives. People introduced the background, significance, problems to be faced, and the direction of future development.

Experts believe that the implementation of e-commerce law should deal with the following relationships: First, the relationship between development and norms, to be standardized in development, to continue to develop in the norm; second, the relationship between management and regulation, to implement market-oriented management and The combination of effective macroeconomic regulation and control focuses on the leading role of market allocation; the third is the relationship between online and offline, which should be treated equally and integrate with each other; the fourth is to deal with the relationship between legal norms and network rules; the fifth is to deal with e-commerce law and The relationship between other laws; the sixth is to deal with the relationship between e-commerce law and international norms. Regarding the scope of adjustment of the e-commerce law, experts believe that all business activities for profit should be covered.

Li Mingtao, dean of the China International Electronic Commerce Center Research Institute, believes that after the introduction of the e-commerce law, the issue of privacy rights may become a hot spot for the new economy and new businesses.


Jingdong released the "Express to Car" service, the logistics is more intelligent