MESNAC KENGIC brand, release KENGIC logistics headquarters in Shanghai grand opening

On June 24th, " MESNAC KENGIC brand, launch KENGIC logistics Shanghai headquarters for the opening ceremony" was held. MESNAC relying on years of cultivating logistics business, comprehensive deployment of industrial upgrading, a wholly owned subsidiary in KENGIC sprinting, booster intelligent development of the logistics industry.

President, said Zheng Jiangjia MESNAC accused of subsoil by rubber machinery industry to provide equipment to manufacture tires, and tire is an important part of logistics, so MESNAC is strongly related to and logistics industry; In addition, after so many years of development, MESNAC in system integration, mechanical technology, software technology, photoelectric technology, etc, have a deep accumulation, especially with the global upstream and downstream partners established good relations of cooperation. All of these MESNAC would be ready to take control into the logistics industry, especially in today's rapid development of logistics industry, customer demand is strong, MESNAC point to promote the development of the industry, this is the choice of MESNAC, is also MESNAC point responsibility, but also the pursuit of MESNAC.

MESNAC as early as 2009 in rubber industry to promote automatic stereo warehouse system, holding 2010 Qingdao home automation company, into the robot industry, strengthen the supply ability of automatic logistics system. At the end of 2014, MESNAC with Shanghai xian yi logistics automation company realize all-round cooperation, and in early 2015, the MESNAC point has its own logistics business and Shanghai xian yi company integrating, establish unified logistics business platform - Qingdao KENGIC logistics technology co., LTD., for KENGIC brand inject new connotation, branch KENGIC logistics devotes to provide goods for the global enterprise logistics one-stop system solutions.

Relevant data show that with the advent of the era of industrial 4.0 and the development of the electricity industry, unmanned production and intelligent manufacturing become the path of the enterprise, usher in the golden age, automatic logistics system integration over the next decade or more to maintain high-speed development. And, as early as in 2009 countries issued "the logistics industry adjust and revitalization plan" at the policy level promote the development of logistics industry, in the recently held a state council executive meeting, prime minister li keqiang stressed in the process of promoting the "made in China 2025", to put the equipment manufacturing industry to determine the key battleground for scientific and technological innovation.

Although the market demand, policy driven, but China's logistics industry development is faced with great challenges. Industry experts point out that, at present in addition to tobacco, pharmaceutical, food and other industries in the field of automatic logistics application level is still relatively low, mainly restricted by two aspects, on the one hand, the threshold of the foreign logistics enterprise products and services is higher; On the other hand, the domestic logistics enterprise product innovation speed is slow, system planning ability is insufficient, the implementation of large-scale projects management lack of ability. This huge market urgent call system service capacity and high cost performance of logistics brand, undoubtedly, the advent of the branch KENGIC logistics great response to the market demand.

KENGIC logistics service are the main areas of manufacturing factory in transport of goods, delivery the goods sorting and transport system of the industry, electricity, clothing, medicine and other industry products logistics system, general speaking, for these companies to provide access to goods and order processing one-stop solution. KENGIC provide products and services including the system design scheme, the core of logistics equipment, a full set of the implementation of the project, which is the current domestic one of the few has the ability to solve system integrators one of logistics.

Industry experts said, by express to provide products and services, to achieve production enterprise product and production process of automated handling, improve the automation of special jobs, the future can achieve certain industry's unmanned factory; System improves the electric business, clothing, medicine and other industries order fulfillment ability; Can enhance the level of automation industry.

KENGIC is MESNAC in the robot and logistics in the field of new strategic layout, has the independent mechanism and development strategy, and MESNAC in terms of resource platform will be families, home to provide a full range of support, is committed to build a powerful logistics networks of neurons, for customers to solve "the last kilometer of life, the production of the last cm" problem, let every customer enjoy the wisdom logistics brings convenient and comfortable.

The conference blockbuster also unveiled a set of families, independent research and development of the revolutionary products – crossbelt sorter. This product can realize high-speed accurate grading, sorting efficiency of up to 20000 pieces per hour, sorting speed 1.8 ~ 2.5 m/s. Compared with manual operation, goods sorting efficiency of the equipment can improve 3 times, 300 times goods sorting accuracy improvement, labor costs lower two-thirds, the indicators have reached the world advanced level.