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Career Development

KENGIC pays close attention to co-development of enterprise and individuals

KENGIC is oriented by value creation in all aspects. As long as you can create value for the Company, we will share value with you, specifically reflected in individual promotion. 

A systematic rank promotion system in KENGIC, involving 11 rank levels ranging from KJ1 to KJ11, respectively corresponding to the two promotion channels of management and professionalism. Talent review and rank promotion adjustment are regularly conducted. 

Six post series (marketing sales, R&D design, project delivery, production operation, human resources administration and finance) and 22 segmented post series in KENGIC Logistics are formed in the principle of same nature and different posts. 

We cherish every single achievement gained with hard works, and your efforts will be appreciated by KENGIC . We will provide you with an extensive open platform to enable your talents to burst into bloom. 


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