Committed to the innovation and development of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing

Company Profile

KENGIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing solutions provider, focus on providing domestic and oversea customers with intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system and products with R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and services. As a solution provider of its own core technology and products, the company mainly provides customers intelligent conveying systems and intelligent sorting systems in smart logistics, intelligent AS/RS and intelligent factory systems in intelligent manufacturing, as well as providing customers its own core equipment and its supporting information system and related products for total solutions. The company has an innovative digital intelligent manufacturing and processing and R&D base in Qingdao, North China, and has established a nationwide sales and service network with Shanghai in East China, Guangzhou & Shenzhen in South China, and Chengdu in West China as hubs.

Driven by intelligent technology, we strive to become a double benchmark enterprise in the industry in terms of quality and service, from the development of new products to the iterative renewal of existing products. From intelligent conveying systems, intelligent sorting systems, intelligent AS/RS, intelligent factory systems to information systems and comprehensive solutions, we have become a professional system integration service provider capable of providing, multi-industry system consulting, solution planning, integrated design, equipment development, software development, on-site implementation and continuous after-sales service for the entire industry chain.

For the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises, weutilize advanced technologies and products such as AI vision, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and 5G to provide enterprises with professional intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing total solutions. KENGIC   provide independent research and development of intelligent manufacturing platform (MES+SCADA) and intelligent logistics platform (WMS+WCS). The platform can interact and integrate data with PLM, CAPP, ERP, etc. in the factory, It can also carry out ecological networking interconnection with equipment, terminals, etc., to realize data tracking, calculation, analysis and decision-making. We can combine customers' own strategic vision, business status, product features, etc., to provide    customized comprehensive solutions, help to build digital smart factories, and  improve their core competitiveness and creativity.

With the market demand as the strategic guide, KENGIC breaks through the domestic and international supply chain barriers and provides standardized and high-quality one-stop services for global customers with the flexible service system as the cornerstone. Our customers now cover many industries such as express & logistics, e-commerce & new retail, home appliances, furniture, automobiles, communication electronics, equipment manufacturing, national defense and military, medicine and health, materials, energy and chemical industries etc. We have provided stable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for our customers worldwide and are committed to building strong partnerships with them in long-term cooperation.

In the future, we will continue to adhere to the development concept of "Gathering industry elites, Creating a world brand", committed to the innovation and development of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing, insisting on intelligent technology as the driver, independent R&D and innovation as the orientation, and realizing intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing for customers to upgrade the system and make every effort to promote the transformation and long-term development of industrial digital intelligence era.


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