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Product Description

SDS system is a sorting control system, based on windows system server and belonging to upper control of sorting process. 

System control software is a control system solution specially developed for post, package service industry and distribution center. Customers can easily operate and control the entire set of sorting system and logistics process through user-friendly interface. With the control module, operators can clearly understand overall conditions of the entire sorter set and conveniently control operations. With the logistics module, operators can well understand the entire sorting process to control the system and track goods (track & trace). It can also divide the sorter into different areas for operation, and formulate different sorting plans corresponding to each sorting area, thus having further improved the handling capacity of sorter during peak hours. Besides, operators can also change sorting plans based on specific production processes, and re-allocate system control software and sorters.  

System control software is standard software composed of modules tested in practices, able to meet all logistics treatment requirements. The system is set with certain redundancy, namely that it can ensure relevant functions of restarting and maintaining system control software in case of hardware fault. 

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