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Product Description

SFP (Smart Factory Platform) is established on information technology for the leading operation mode of the company's projects, centered around project and integrated with human resources management, finance management and other information system modules, sales modules, MRP core modules, procurement management module, manufacture module, factory stock management module, having realized information-based office and factory automation. The system is compatible with PC terminal, cell phone and tablet, able to set in multiple languages, present various report modes and warning information according to specific projects, and maximize resource efficiency by optimizing enterprise resources. It has got out from the boundary of traditional enterprises taking finance and supply chain as core, optimized enterprise's project-centered operating modes, and realized enterprise requirements to reasonably allocate resources in projects. 

The platform can customize all information, and is compatible with all existing information systems in enterprises. It achieves the functions of enterprise expanding and structuring production information platform, and promotes upgrading of intelligent manufacture of enterprises. 

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