Over ten years of polishing standardized procedures, it ensures commodity safety and user experience

Product Description

AGV product series is based on the technology accumulation in the fields of image processing, hardware design and precision algorithm of Kengic Intelligent Equipment Company for many years, combined with the independent research and development of intelligent storage robot system, and taking mobile robot as the carrier, replying on the core technology of its mature application, it has successively introduced intelligent handling robots that can automatically connect production lines, intelligent sorting robots for small packages and intelligent handling robots for large goods in production logistics. Meet the demand of intelligent manufacturing and lead the logistics reform the field intelligently.

Product Parameters

 ● Lifting height:60mm

 ● Roated load:1000kg

 ● Run speed:1.0m/s(no-load),1.0m/s(load)

 ● Deadweight:325kg

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