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Product Description

AOI subdivision put wall equipment is mainly composed of sorting cabinets, sorting carriers, traveling devices, supply systems, scanning systems, electric control cabinets, human-machine touch screens, etc.  The express packages are delivered to the  induction platform manually or automatically. The packages are scanned and identified, and are automatically conveying and sorted to the designated slots according to the sorting plan specified by the customer.

 The number of grids can be flexibly configured. The number of grides in one machine is generally set to 40, covering an area of about 25m².

Applicable to major express distribution centers, e-commerce warehouse and distribution centers, manufacturing industry order sorting and other fields.

Product Parameters

Cargo Size

min150x150x1; max465x380x250

Cargo Weight


Sorting Efficiency


Data Indicators

accuracy ≥ 99.99%; Reading rate ≥ 99% (abnormal orders are eliminated)

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