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KENGIC News | Korea MAT 2024

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On April 26, 2024, the Korea Seoul International Logistics Industry Exhibition (KOREA MAT) came to a successful conclusion. As a leading domestic smart logistics and smart manufacturing solution provider, KENGIC fully demonstrated the technical strength and latest achievements in the fields of smart logistics, smart manufacturing and new energy at this exhibition, attracting a large number of industry colleagues and customers to come for consultation and cooperation negotiations.


Intelligent leadership

Intelligent Leadership

At this exhibition, KENGIC brought three core solutions - smart logistics, smart warehousing, new energy solutions and a core product - four-way shuttle, which made a brilliant appearance. We not only focused on demonstrating the capabilities of comprehensive solutions for multiple industries, but also highlighted the brand advantages of localized services. We brought a series of trustworthy, high-quality, low-cost, stable and reliable multi-scenario application systems to Korean customers, including sorting systems, conveying systems, order fulfillment systems, visual recognition systems, intelligent scheduling systems and information management systems. Korean local customers were able to experience an audio-visual feast of digital and intelligent upgrades, and we conquered the audience with our localized project experience and good delivery reputation.


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Keep Innovating

KEEP Innovation

The core product of the dense warehousing solution exhibited this time, the four-way shuttle, is a very important member of the KENGIC product series. Its excellent flexibility, ultra-high efficiency, intelligent scheduling system and highly competitive cost-effectiveness have attracted close attention from customers and are widely used in storage scenarios of various materials. Whether it is low-flow or high-flow operation, or high-density storage or ordinary density storage requirements, the four-way shuttle can handle it calmly to maximize efficiency, cost and resources. These outstanding advantages and characteristics have attracted the hearts of local Korean customers, who have stopped to ask questions. This undoubtedly inspires our determination to stick to our original aspirations and continue to provide customers with high-quality and highly competitive products.


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Global layout

Global Layout

Since 2018, KENGIC has implemented its overseas strategy, gradually radiating from the Southeast Asian market to Japan, South Korea, South Asia, the Middle East, the Russian-speaking region, and Europe. After several years of accumulation, it has steadily formed a certain brand awareness and influence overseas. At present, it has covered multiple industries such as e-commerce, express delivery, home appliances, tires, and food cold chain, successfully delivered multiple large-scale integration projects, and established local teams in India, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, and France to provide professional installation and after-sales localized services with rapid response service capabilities.


In the future, KENGIC will continue to uphold the core concept of high quality and efficiency, continuously improve its own technical strength and service level, make in-depth efforts in the field of intelligent logistics, work hand in hand with global partners, jointly promote the development of intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing and new energy fields, and provide more excellent and efficient solutions to global customers. It is committed to becoming the world's leading intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing service provider, and jointly promote the continuous innovation and development of the global logistics industry and intelligent manufacturing industry.



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