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Assembly line project

Project Introduction

This assembly production line project is located in Hebei, which is mainly composed of a double-layer double-speed chain conveyor body, a translation mechanism, a blocking mechanism, an end lifting mechanism, a detection buffer station and a control system. It mainly realizes the automatic transportation and transfer of workpieces between the assembly station and the inspection station, as well as the automatic stop at the relevant station, which is convenient for the assembly operation and inspection use of personnel.

The conveyor line body is mainly composed of three parts: assembly section line body, detection section line body, and pressure test section line body. The line body is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper line body is used for workpiece transportation and is controlled by frequency conversion speed control. The lower line body It is used for the return of the tooling board and adopts constant speed control. The jacking and translation mechanism is mainly used for the mutual docking of two multiple chain transmission lines to realize the transfer of pallets and products. Arrange the stopper at the position where the equipment is operated and where it needs to be stopped to block or release the pallet, effectively slowing down the impact of the tooling board. The end elevator is mainly used to return the tooling pallet to complete the self-circulation of the tooling pallet.


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