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Carton packaging, help e-commerce foods to avoid damage from logistics

Release time:2018-07-13 Browse:1041

Nowadays, e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Tmall are gradually developing. More and more individuals and businesses are choosing to start to enter the e-commerce platform because of the low threshold for e-commerce platforms. However, the hot on the e-commerce line still needs the support of offline logistics, and modern logistics needs transportation packaging. This requires e-commerce merchants to have their own cardboard boxes, and also requires the current carton packaging to have protection capabilities and maintain product quality. The function.


Especially for food packaging, the current national requirements for food transportation are very high. Choosing a stable logistics can ensure low damage rate of the goods, and choosing excellent carton packaging can better protect the food against pressure and shock, and more effectively protect the food from transportation damage. However, modern pursuit of humanized services, carton packaging has begun to become a bridge between consumers and businesses. In other words, it is also necessary to have a beautiful packaging function in the carton packaging in order to improve the customer's stickiness.

All in all, carton packaging is one of the major projects in the food industry. It protects the food from the physical external factors in the circulation process from the factory to the consumer, and also has the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself; it is convenient for food consumption and an important means of expressing the appearance of the food. The image of attracting consumption has value other than material cost. And choose a carton that is simple in packaging, pressure-resistant, and easy to transport.


Waiting for a single ingredient is an Internet-selling food business, Taobao specialty food strength business. Mainly known as Chaoshan, a variety of snacks, snacks and all kinds of tea drinks. The first-class ingredients are a tidal food store selling specialty snacks and dried seafood. Most of the products officially declare that they do not add artificial preservatives, which is generally healthy. The variety of products, can solve the problem of snacks in one stop, and the netizens also gave a high evaluation.

Its products are beautifully packaged with quality ingredients provided by various places and sold on the online platform. This box, universal flat box design, simple and convenient packaging, using three-layer / five-layer corrugated cardboard, high pressure to strengthen the pit paper, impact on the transportation of food, thereby improving food quality assurance, winning consumers trust. It is also the embodiment of Zhirong's insistence on service for the purpose of escorting every food that is eaten.

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