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Enterprise value symbiosis, in-depth insight into KENGIC Intelligent

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On October 13, an exchange group composed of Z.H.Island, the largest entrepreneurial deep learning community in China, and heads of 30 enterprises in Shandong Province entered the headquarters of KENGIC Intelligent in Qingdao. The senior management team of KENGIC Intelligent, represented by Chairman and General Manager Mr.Long Jinjun, had a reception and communication.

The VIP guests of the exchange group came from many industries such as home building materials, electronic technology, rail transit, food, commerce, tires, textiles and apparel, packaging and printing, metal chemical industry, international logistics supply chain, etc. Both parties have in-depth discussions on corporate development strategies, key account project sales, team empowerment and management, etc.

Mr. Long explained the mission vision, development history, product business and comprehensive strength of KENGIC Intelligent for the exchange group in our new exhibition hall.

In the new R&D and production base, the various groups of the production and manufacturing center are arranging related work in a close and orderly manner. The director of the center Ding Fengding leads everyone to visit and introduce on-site production technology and process management.

At the following sharing meeting, Mr. Long said: For To B companies, the target industry has a large span, many business opportunities, and strong market demand. At the same time, competition is becoming more intense, the project conversion rate is low, and the initial investment is large. How to gain insight into the industry situation, establish corporate development strategies, clarify it's own strengths and weaknesses, and efficiently make project value judgments is extremely important for companies in various industries.

KENGIC Intelligent has only been established for seven years tho, our most valuable wealth is "people", a core team composed of a group of experts with more than 20 years of industry experience, and those who dare to work hard and uphold the entrepreneurial spirit. We are also one of the few companies in the industry that have developed a full product line. So far, we have completed the entire line from logistics to warehousing to intelligent manufacturing. Each field is independent and interoperable, and hundreds of projects have been delivered to domestic and foreign customers and have been well received. They have overcome all obstacles and moved forward courageously, breaking out a path of their own characteristics in the fierce competition.

Mr. Long also particularly emphasized that the development of the enterprise will eventually fall into the interior. Especially when the company is on the rise, the biggest competitor is actually itself, and the biggest problem is to transform and arm itself from the inside out. There is no natural enemy between enterprises. It is more conducive to the prosperity of each enterprise to develop on the common track and make progress in different ways to make the industry prosperous.

In the subsequent communication sessions, Mr. Long also gave his own thoughts and answers to the different questions and specific needs of the exchange group. The two parties jointly expressed their expectations for innovative services and industrial upgrades. The atmosphere was lively and warm.

The visit of the exchange group was a gathering of enterprises in the province and a culmination of the wisdom of multiple industries. As a professional system solution integrator with its own core technologies and products, as well as one of the representative scientific and technological enterprises in Shandong Province, KENGIC has always adhered to intelligent drive, innovative practices, and played an exemplary and leading role, striving to become Qingdao City and Shandong Province And even a national benchmarking enterprise.

A house worth hundreds of dollars, and a neighbor worth thousands of dollars. KENGIC Intelligent also hopes to establish mutual trust with friends and neighbors, have solid exchanges, in-depth discussions and learning, and jointly assume social responsibilities, so as to contribute to the promotion of industrial intelligent transformation and upgrading and the construction of a healthy local business environment.


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