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Customized Home

Customized home furnishing usually refers to the panel furniture that furniture companies tailor-made for each consumer to meet their individual needs on the basis of large-scale production, with the help of modern information technology and flexible production technology. Its biggest characteristic is the combination of personalized design and industrial scale production.

Entering a new era of social development, with the stock of remodeled houses, fully furnished houses, and hardcover houses becoming new growth points, the intergenerational changes of the main consumer and the increasing standards for living quality, the customization orientation style and personalized life attitude Highlighting has also become a new market hotspot.


Consumers need attitude as well as quality; customized home furnishing companies need to respond to differentiated needs, but also need large-scale production and warehouse distribution. Then KENIC has won the favor of a domestic high-end integrated kitchen cabinet and customized home professional service provider twice, and provided services for its intelligent storage and logistics.


On the outlet of digital intelligence upgrade,

Difficulties in customizing home storage logistics

Multiple types, wide range, large differences in cargo specifications, low degree of standardization

High labor intensity, low operating efficiency and high error rate

Large footprint and low storage efficiency

Material loss and safety hazards are relatively large during the handling process


Value Reflection of System Solution Integrators

Taking KENGIC intelligent panel vertical AS/RS and production line conveying solution for this customer in 2020 as an example, the on-demand planning is carried out according to the site structure layout. In the whole process of AS/RS, inbound and outbound transportation, plate shaping/sorting, raw material/surplus material buffering, waste material buffering/transportation, and pad palletizing, etc., automatic circulation and intelligent business operations are realized, and storage capacity expansion of 200% is achieved.The efficiency of warehouse entry and exit has been improved by 100%, and the personnel cost has been saved by 85%.

The plate material flows smoothly, the overall central control, segment adjustable

Plate conveying and connection are stable, avoiding bumping and sliding

Adapt to plates of different sizes to ensure a neat appearance in storage


Immediate advantages of intelligent solutions

The flexible production required by customized home furnishing includes not only hardware equipment, but also transformation and reform in software systems, personnel organization, and comprehensive management. It can quickly respond to individual consumer needs, reduce redundant losses, enhance operational capabilities, and improve corporate efficiency.

As a system solution integrator, the overall solution provided by KENGIC aims to clarify the technical points in the early stage, refine the deconstruction design, project implementation control, series resource support, and then after-sales on-site operation training, instant communication response, remote technology collaboration and other services to achieve:

Personalized design + industrial production

Compress the production cycle, reduce production costs, and relieve inventory pressure

Improve raw material utilization, delivery efficiency and delivery quality

Improve overall supply chain competition level and full-process customer service experience

From the perspective of the supply chain of the home furnishing industry, store order-factory manufacturing-logistics transportation-customer delivery, KENGIC has targeted and cost-effective solutions from the front-end intelligent production and manufacturing to the back-end intelligent warehousing logistics distribution.

On the basis of this cooperation, the customer also chose KENGIC to serve another city's workshop renovation project, and customized a series of intelligent conveying system equipment represented by double-station RGV shuttle vehicles.

KENGIC, which has been deeply involved in the home furnishing industry for many years, has successively planned and implemented intelligent solutions for many well-known customers in the industry to meet their different actual needs.

It has self-developed core equipment customization capabilities, non-standard Equipment R&D and production capabilities and high integration capabilities for complex projects.


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