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Product Description

Intelligent Dispatching System is suitable for AGV and multi-shuttle vehicles scheduling, which obtains task information from WCS and distributes them reasonably and efficiently to moving robots that convey goods.

The system functions are divided into two categories: management and algorithm. The algorithm function includes task assignment, path planning, real-time collision avoidance, deadlock processing and real-time obstacle avoidance. The management function includes human-computer interaction, charging management and etc.

System parameters:

- The system can support management and scheduling of 100 robot vehicles.

- The calculation time for each distribution task is less than 5 seconds.

- The rate of deadlocks caused by dispatch system is less than 1 in 10,000.

- The vehicle collision rate caused by the scheduling system is 0.

- The probability that the vehicle cannot be charged in time due to the dispatching system and the power failure stops is 0.

- The command response rate is 100%.

- The travel distance of vehicles without cargo is less than 50%.

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