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Intelligent production line project of pulsating line body of textile machine

Project Introduction

This textile machine pulsating line intelligent production line project is located in Qingdao. Through line planning, RGV and AGV material handling equipment and supporting software scheduling systems are used to realize the framework platform transfer, line transfer, finished product offline transfer, and finished product storage, etc. The automation of the process, 16 RGV trolleys are responsible for the transfer of the assembly station, and 2 laser-guided forklift AGVs are respectively responsible for the transfer from the platform department to the on-line station and the offline buffer station to the test station and then to the finished product warehouse. 2 Two-dimensional code-guided AGV and two laser-guided AGV assembly stations, standard installation stations, and the distribution of small materials are representative projects of KENGIC to help the intelligent development of the textile industry.


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