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Large Displacement Engine Intelligent Production Line Project

Project Introduction

The production line covers an area of 1630m2 and is for the production of large displacement high-end engines. The customer's personalization characteristics are obvious, requiring good compatibility and flexibility of the production line to meet the scheduling needs.

The automation of this project is oriented to ensure the consistency of product quality, guarantee the ability to improve, reduce labor intensity and improve the operating environment.

Through the whole process information system control, AGV distributes materials, vision system for operation guidance, robot and automatic equipment for assembly. The whole process quality control and data traceability are realized through visual judgment and online inspection. Advanced software algorithm and hierarchical control realize the function of self-diagnosis and self-advice of key equipment failure. The organic synergy of the systems creates a model of lean production, flexible production and worry-free factory. The automation rate is increased by 40% and the assembly quality is increased by 50%.


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