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Product Description

MES is an enterprise manufacturing process execution system developed by KENGIC, which is a set of production information management system oriented to manufacturing enterprises workshop execution layer. MES manages production process, product tracking, electronic batch record management of production process,

Exception management, as well as craft (prescription) management to ensure the control of craft route and production process. The production management module mainly realizes: production order management, material management, inventory management, batch quality management and report functions. Through the device interface, the system connects directly to the device to obtain device operating parameters. MES optimizes production processes, improves production efficiency and reduces human error rates.

KENGIC is a senior strategic partner of Rockwell. At present, we have developed multiple discrete and process-based industry projects based on the Rockwell Factory Talk Production Center, including some well-known daily chemical company project, pharmaceutical company project, motor assembly company project and etc. 

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