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Nine dragged hundreds of millions of investment in Zhengda Group, strategically re-create a new pattern of cold chain

Release time:2018-08-13 Browse:785

On October 10th, Jiutong Supply Chain announced that it has officially announced the completion of several hundred million C-round financing. This round of financing is strategically invested by Thailand Chia Tai Group. At the same time, Thailand Chia Tai Group also officially signed a contract with the Jiutu supply chain, which indicates that the global agricultural and animal husbandry giant Zhengda Group will cooperate with the Jiutong supply chain in cold chain logistics, fresh food e-commerce, catering supply chain, IT system, etc. The fields form a close strategic synergy. This is also a breakthrough new opportunity for the nine-trail supply chain to ushered in the capital after the independent round-the-clock investment by the Ocean Group last year.


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