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Polysilicon processing automatic production line

Project Introduction

The automated production line is used to cooperate with the host equipment to complete the process of polysilicon squaring, truncation and logistics transfer. The main processing purpose is to cut silicon ingots into rectangular pieces. The production line mainly includes: silicon ingot outdoor temporary storage rack, indoor temporary storage rack, transfer AGV, auxiliary feeding device (for silicon ingot feeding, including spreader), square cutting machine unloading robot and ground rail, conveyor line, Peeling equipment, wiping equipment, coding equipment, cut-off loading and unloading robots, transfer AGV trolleys, material racks, inspection areas, NG unloading manipulators, manual cutting areas, and supporting electrical control systems and software systems.


Convenient for manual operation; equipment reliability, real-time monitoring of production data and equipment status, and abnormal alarm; Equipment safety, the spreader is a mechanical self-locking spreader to ensure stability; all equipment areas are equipped with safety protection and light barriers; equipment maintainability, the equipment area has enough maintenance space, and each area is equipped with safety doors and wire ladders ; Energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment, the laser marking machine is equipped with a dust collection and purification device; the control system of the equipment includes a standardized man-machine interface, a reliable fault diagnosis mechanism, and a complete fault diagnosis process.


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