Over ten years of polishing standardized procedures, it ensures commodity safety and user experience

Product Description

Sorter Direct Sorter is a high-speed sorting control system developed independently by KENGIC. This system includes user management module, parameter setting module, sorting information query module, report module and basic information module.

SDS adopts the Operator model, the functions of each module are relatively independent but connected closely. It can process 22,000 pieces of package information per hour, and the response time is less than 50ms, which can quickly achieve accurate sorting of goods and record the entire lifecycle of all packages from import to package construction.

By supporting a variety of interface methods, this system can meet the docking demands of different customers. It can upload the sorting information to the customer’s upper system accurately, which facilitates the overall tracking of the motion trail of goods. In addition, through customizable visual reports, decision support for customers’ production can be provided. 

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