Over ten years of polishing standardized procedures, it ensures commodity safety and user experience

Product Description

Smart Factory Platform (SFP) is a system platform developed independently by KENGIC. The platform includes user management module, reimbursement module, PDM module, material management module, project management module, business quotation module, MRP module, purchasing module, supplier module and warehouse management module.

SFP mainly realizes the basic user information management, reimbursement function, BOM design and conversion, logistics basic information creation and maintenance, inventory and other core date management. The system is project-oriented, realizes the control from project creation to each project node from the project management dimension. The system inputs the material demand at each project stage, calculates the material demand plan of the project through the MRP module, combines the purchasing module to meet the project needs in time and manages the project materials in a more detailed way.

SFP can control and grasp project nodes, count project budgets and actual costs, calculate and output effectively the material plans of each project in time. It can obtain the logistics flow and tracking more accurately during project implementation and minimize inventory backlog and material waste. Report statistics and early warning of bottlenecks in the project implementation process can be achieved to achieve the purpose of efficient and low-cost implementation of the project.

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