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Technology helps intelligent development'

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 These days, Japan’s Tokyo International Logistics Technology Exhibition is in full swing. As one of the largest logistics professional exhibitions in Asia in 2 years, the 100,000 square meter exhibition hall is expected to attract more than 100,000 professional visitors. Visit. At the same time, the 10th Sino-Japanese Logistics Technology Exchange Conference hosted by CMES of China Mechanical Engineering Society and JIMH of Japan Material Handling Machine System Association was held concurrently.


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qingdao Kejie Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., Long Jinjun, as a member of the Logistics Engineering Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, was invited to Japan to participate in the exchange.

 The two-day exchange meeting schedule was very compact. On the morning of the first day, I visited the time-space porch rapid transit center of Yamato. In the afternoon, the Sino-Japanese logistics technology exchange meeting was held. The next day, I visited the Tokyo International Logistics Technology Integration. exhibition.

At the Sino-Japanese logistics exchange held in the afternoon of the first day, the president of the Japan Material Handling Machine System Association, Mr. Toshi, gave an opening speech on behalf of Japan, followed by the Chinese Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering Lu Daming on behalf of the Chinese side. After the opening speech, the representatives of China and Japan then conducted in-depth exchanges on the latest logistics market situation in China and Japan and the future market situation of logistics equipment. As the representative of the Chinese side, the chairman of Qingdao Kejie Logistics Longjinjun made an in-depth explanation of China's smart logistics market and the future.

Speak He believes that from the perspective of China's macro market economy, China's total social logistics expenditure in 2017 was 12.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 14.6% of GDP, which has entered a continuous decline phase compared with previous years. However, compared with the world average and the developed countries such as the United States, there is still a clear gap. The Chinese logistics industry still needs to further reduce costs and increase efficiency. The country has also introduced a number of policies to support the orderly development of the logistics industry. The entire Chinese logistics industry market is booming. Under the leadership of the "Internet +" concept, China's logistics is moving towards synergy.


At the same time, Chairman Long Jinjun also organized and shared the smart equipment and applications in China. He believed that China's logistics equipment can be divided into three stages. We have already passed the era of mechanization and are gradually moving from automation. The development of intelligent era, the ability to perceive, eliminate labor, reduce costs, save space, improve efficiency, and make decisions will be the trend of logistics intelligent equipment. When talking about the application of intelligent equipment in smart warehousing, he thinks that a smart storage space is a set of system opening and integration, not a single device or system intelligence, from the continuous optimization of basic equipment to the fusion application of smart devices. And to make data calculation, planning and operation at the system software level, in order to make the whole space more intelligent.

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Finally, Chairman Long Jinjun said when talking about the future development trend of the industry. From the point of view of the pain point of the industry, he believes that in the next 3-5 years, through the power of smart technology and the market that gradually matures and regulates, Solve these problems at hand, and smart logistics will promote the upgrade of smart manufacturing.

    At the entire China-Japan exchange meeting, the delegates expressed their opinions and exchanged their views. I believe that through such friendly exchanges, we can learn from each other. Under the intelligent industry trend, smart equipment will be more sophisticated, and the scope of application will be broader. The logistics industry in China and Japan will flourish.


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