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KENGIC Event | The first 'TTT' training of KENGIC ended successfully

Release time:2022-06-24 Browse:1443

In order to strengthen the construction of talent echelon, promote the extraction and dissemination of knowledge and experience, and let the internal training of enterprises precipitate organizational wisdom and continue to inherit, on June 18, 2022, KENGIC invited Ms. Wang Dan from Tsingtao Brewery College to have the first training course of "TTT”, which aims to solve the bottleneck problems such as vague role positioning of internal trainers, lack of experience in course development, and relatively single training form.

The "TTT" stands for "Training the Trainer to Train", which is a necessary advanced course for novice lecturers. It has positive significance for strengthening the basic theoretical level of internal trainers, improving the level of teaching and course development.

Before the training started, Mr. Guo, director of the Human Resources Center, explained the situation of the participants. More than 40 internal trainers who participated in the training came to the scene with teaching tasks. As a lecturer in the program and the elite program, they are responsible for disseminating culture, inheriting knowledge, and imparting skills. We hope this training can help improve the professional skills of internal trainers, and welcome and encourage more outstanding talents to come to the podium.

At the beginning of the training, in order to promote the common communication among the trainees and achieve better teaching effect, the training is carried out in the form of small groups, mainly focusing on the following three aspects:


The role of the trainer

Ms. Wang Dan described the role of the lecturer in vivid language. As a competent internal trainer, you must clarify the training purpose, understand the characteristics of the teaching objects, and grasp the key points and difficulties of teaching.

At the same time, he shared the effective teaching methods from the three roles of "editing, directing and acting" as a lecturer, and you will gain a comprehensive improvement in learning ability, expression ability, adaptability and motivation ability in the whole process of training.


Teaching methods based on adult learning characteristics

Starting from the difference analysis between school education and enterprise training, grasp the focus of enterprise training; based on the four thinking types of students, different teaching methods can be selected; in the presentation of teaching content, "structural thinking visualization”, "Explicit thinking structured" and "implicit thinking explicit”can be designed.


Training course development and structure design

People, content, and course design are interactively integrated. In addition to courseware development, course structure design is equally important. Under the explanation and guidance of Ms. Wang, each group designed the "course staff" for the target course, and put forward suggestions for modification and optimization.

So far, the first TTT course of KENGIC has ended successfully. According to each training plan, in the next half month, the internal trainers will carry out curriculum design around the training projects in order to promote the output of various standardized course results. In the process, it constantly affects the people around, and constantly contributes its own light and heat!


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