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The way of transformation and development of traditional printing and packaging industry

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Looking at the situation of printing and packaging industry in the past five years in China, although the market demand and business scale have been growing steadily, problems such as low technical barriers, uneven industrial distribution, insufficient innovation ability, and serious homogenization competition are still hindering its long-term development. major factor.

In the era of low-carbon economy, the development trend of environmental protection, personalization and intelligence in the printing and packaging industry is becoming more and more obvious. How to be oriented by market demand, solve the problem of cost reduction and efficiency increase for enterprises, and stay away from low-level repetitive construction, maximize production efficiency, optimize business processes, reduce labor dependence, reduce resource consumption, gain more space for technological innovation, and finally resist the continuous high pressure of competition and seize a larger market? The transformation and development of traditional printing and packaging enterprises is imminent.

As a well-known enterprise in the printing and packaging industry in northern China, Haishun Printing is a large-scale modern comprehensive printing and packaging enterprise integrating design plate making, color printing, post-press processing, warehousing and logistics. Haishun Printing is a national printing demonstration enterprise and one of the top 100 printing and packaging enterprises in China. It has won the China Publishing Government Award for Printing and Reproduction issued by the State Press and Publication Administration, and is also the only designated print supplier for the "6th East Asian Games".

Haishun Printing chooses a comprehensive system solution integrator KENGIC to build the first automated AS/RS system for it, opening up data islands, realizing equipment interconnection. It will further save labor costs, improve the efficiency of production and flow, and help Haishun Printing to implement the three-integrated intelligent manufacturing deployment of automatic production control, automatic scheduling optimization and resource planning management.


Project Pain Point:

  • Wide variety of materials and various pallet sizes

  • Low efficiency, and the inventory problem needs to be optimized urgently.

  • Manual operation is complicated and error-prone

Implementation Effect:

  • Workflow Standardization

  • Core Equipment Customization

  • Flexibility in Traffic Response

  • Informatization of Decision-making Response

The project landed in Tianjin, and KENGCI provided it with overall solution planning and implementation including SRM system, pallet conveying system, Lifter system, electrical control system and information software system. The core equipment has dual Extension SRM, pallet conveyor, jacking transfer machine, depalletize, chain rotary table, fork lifter, shape and weight inspection equipment, WMC and WCS.


Slave-Master Combined

During the warehousing operation, after the pallet goods are wrapped and scanned at the inbound port, the high-precision fork lifter is used to realize the combination of the child and parent pallets, which is compatible with various pallet sizes of customers. The fork feed direction is adjusted to the storage state.

The shape detection and clamping auxiliary devices are equipped next to the rotary table, which will automatically adjust the over-edge goods before entering the conveyor line in front of the warehouse.


Flexible and Efficient

According to actual business needs, there may be a situation in which the inbound and outbound traffic is not equal in a certain period of time. In response to this, KENGIC has flexibly planned the corresponding equipment control mode, which can adjust the in-outbound status of the conveying equipment at any time through the buttons set at the in-outbound port, change the one-way or two-way conveying mode, and efficiently adapt to the flow demand in different periods and avoid resource waste. .


Visual Management

Long supply chains, weak information system construction, and high coordination costs are important reasons for hindering the healthy development of the industry. The WAS system provided by KENGIC fully covers SKU management, safety management, system parameters, order management, carrying unit management, cargo location management, inventory management, wave management, conveying management, picking management, sorting management, cargo space visualization, equipment status visualization and report analysis and other modules,

Through the real-time data tracking and equipment interconnection of demand, inventory and logistics, a set of agile and flexible decision-making response system has been established, which frees up manpower and solves problems quickly.

The successful implementation of this project is an important part of the strategic layout of KENGIC assistance to Haishun Printing Industry in the construction of information and data as the core line, connecting automatic printing equipment + automatic three-dimensional storage system + intelligent logistics equipment + robot application with software system. Promote it to create an excellent answer sheet handed over by a digital, automated, intelligent and green intelligent printing factory through refined management and lean production.

For printing and packaging enterprises, intelligent construction is a trending development in the era of Industry 4.0, in response to the advancement of national policy standards, rising operating costs, and continued high-pressure market competition. As an important part of it, intelligent storage solution can maximize the production efficiency of enterprises, help them build a digital supply chain, stay away from homogeneous competition, and ultimately win a larger market.


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