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Chu Qiang supply chain Zu Hongkui: urban distribution enterprises tend to light assets, service individuals tend to heavy assets, the IP era is coming

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Chen Wei, Vice President of Hairnet, Zu Hongkui, Founder and CEO of Chuanbu Supply Chain, Wang Rui, Senior Investment Director of Ocean Capital, Liu Wei, CEO of Panda New Energy, Zhang Ping, Head of Futian Ao Ling Qiong Yue District, South China Branch of Jingdong Logistics Li Wenhuan, general manager of the company's logistics opening department, Zhao Xiaohe, director of Jiayou Shopping Logistics, Guo Wen, general manager of Guangzhou Yihai Kerry Logistics, Gui Pengyuan, logistics director of Huaijie Group, Li Delin, director of logistics of CANDY Group, and director of Hansen Supply Chain Group Chang Huanggang and Executive Director of Hansen Business School Chen Hetian and other guests analyzed and interpreted urban distribution from the perspectives of essence, model, capital, case, change, opportunity and trend.

Zu Hongkui, founder and CEO of the stack supply chain, and former vice president of Gome, shared the theme of “Business Opportunities in the New Business Environment”, and took the stack supply chain as an example. The chain applies two directions for analysis and interpretation.

In Zu Hongkui's view, urban-funded enterprises tend to be light assets, service individuals tend to be heavy assets, and the IP era of urban distribution is coming; personal cash flow health, homeowner security, and slash service providers will be future city-owned enterprises. The focus of the post-development market. Through the application of the blockchain, the stacking provides assistance for the city's commercial and user experience through credit score system, digital asset management, and multi-party trust financial system.

Among them, the logistics and households in the aftermarket include the whole process of warehousing, transportation, installation, commissioning, maintenance, cleaning, recycling, etc. of the whole field of home appliances, furniture, home improvement, sanitary ware, sports equipment, etc. Logistics and supply chain services. The key points are the whole domain, the whole process, and the whole life cycle.

Vehicle multi-dimensional services include new energy leasing facilities, financial factoring, credit system, points system, and traceability services. Among them, blockchain technology can be used to link upstream and downstream commercial entities, and to create a matrix chain of multi-party financial trust systems for urban IP economy.

Not only that, but also the blockchain technology can be used to solve the four core problems: the settlement of the supply system is difficult: the oil card is credited, the account period is long, the acceptance bill, etc. The user service experience is poor: the service liquidity is large, the procurement end can not identify the quality Service and after-sales service cost is high: the long-tail property of the post-market households, users can not accurately locate the service provider, the security of the household is unreliable: the quality of the service providers is uneven, and the degree of security is low.

In the final part of the speech, Zu Hongkui gave a detailed introduction to the blockchain product construction, product capabilities, financial architecture, and financial applications of the stack supply chain.

The following is a record of his speech:

Dear friends, everyone. Last year, I also participated in the 4th City Match Summit in October. Last year, I represented Party A. This year is the role of Party B. I have done it for Party A, and I have done it for Party B. How do you see the development of the next city? I want to see from our point of view what to do next, and in what areas.

In fact, the entire city is equipped with this piece, and now many city-owned enterprises have slowly gone to light assets, like Hummer. However, the individual of the end service has gradually become a heavy asset, and the IP era of the city will soon come. The slash service provider is reflected in the end of the service process, the last mile driver. The former driver only drives the car and only moves the goods. The driver now gives more functions and is a diversified service provider.

First, the city after the market: logistics and household services

The next step is to elaborate on two aspects, one is the city after the market. Last year, I was in Gome, Gome was mainly a major household. We used to be a warehouse and distribution point before the first half of 2017. We extended it to the home installation, doing social services, and empowering the driver’s functions and logistics functions. .

In fact, last year we said that the service life of home appliances, homes, and home improvement is better at home and home appliances than Gome and Suning, but there is no self-built team in the field of large-scale parts. Resources do, the installation of large parts at the end of the country may be the service of Gome, it is also possible to do Suning's services. One is that the threshold of our post-service market is relatively high. In addition, we must combine it with the after-sales during the installation process. Our business saturation can not meet the income of our end-delivery personnel. Now the distribution of Jingdong, Gome and Suning is shared. .

This PPT introduces our previous services, which are simple, small, and passive. Passive refers to the fact that consumers are passive. The smaller the pieces we send, the better. The big ones are completely different. The big distributors will make an appointment because they have to make an appointment according to my home decoration. From the standardized service, as well as the informationization and whole process of the service, the whole life cycle and the whole process are formed.

The third point is our car. We are sharing a small case on the home service. This is also a problem we often see. When we used small parts, we bought the goods, the distributors and the consumers. We will not see each other, even if we see that the delivery time will not exceed one minute, but our large-scale delivery installation and delivery time is basically 20 minutes to 30 minutes or more, because we have to enter the household. If we do a good job in the post-service market, the delivery time for large items will exceed 30 minutes.

We often come across people who send flyers. Basically, people who send flyers give us flyers. We don't see them. This is because there is no trust between them. However, the installation of large parts starts from the appointment, and the slash service provider has established a close trust relationship with the consumers. The consumers are completely trusting our large service providers. We have done the installation service and stayed at home for half. Hours.

We have a project in Chengdu, and it is also a large-scale service installation. The salary of the master is just like that of our ordinary installer. After he goes in, he first records the address information, then which of them is decorated and which is not renovated. After that, a precise message was sent, so that he had a lot of extra income. He is televised to 15 families every day. These 15 families are accurate users. It is very important for us to make business through the whole process of entering the household. This is also the post-service market that I discovered after two years in Gome.

Second, the city after the market: vehicle multi-dimensional service

In the process of city matching, our current city must have new energy, and new energy is the trend. So far, we have spread in Chengdu, and new energy is also very popular. Chengdu's policy is very good. More than 80% of all logistics companies use new energy actively, because the cost is low, and the frequency of service is high. In the process of new energy, how do we do through the whole chain service of the car, from the car rental, charging piles, and the financial system, as well as the combination of the market and new energy of the city, so far in the country 80% of the city's distribution market is based on new energy vehicles. Of course, some places may not work. We are not able to get new energy in Chongqing, but we are also in the range of 30km to 50km.

There is also a multi-dimensional service for vehicles, using blockchain technology to connect upstream and downstream commercials, and to create a matrix chain of multi-party financial trust systems for the city with IP economy. From the host factory to the charging pile, the charging pile and the main engine factory are now separated, and many mainframe factories do charging piles throughout the country. In fact, the improvement of infrastructure is the fundamental to effectively promote the rapid development of new energy. In this process, when there is a main engine factory, a car, and a charging pile, now there are fewer companies buying new energy, all of which are leased. In the way, the way of leasing needs financial incitement, and the upstream city is equipped with the demand for distribution, and it is done through our company that focuses on delivery. Our company has to figure out the thinking. If you want to make a platform and want to supply it, I personally feel that it is a kind of harm to the entire upstream customer and downstream customers, and it is also a harm to your partner.

Third, the application of blockchain technology

Still speaking, I understand the blockchain. We want to solve the four problems with the blockchain. One is settlement. In the actual operation process, the pressure of settlement is the biggest. I believe everyone is very clear. Now many upstream The customer is at the end of the following month, or three months, and some are half-year settlement. Our settlement system is very difficult now and the account period is long. The second is that the user's service experience is poor, mainly the driver of the city at the end, because as the terminal city system, 100% is not a self-operated team, a certain proportion is their own, a large proportion is still It depends on external funding because it is an upstream activity. There is also a high cost of after-sales service, the long-tail property of the post-market entry, the user can not accurately locate the service provider, and the reliability of the home security.

Based on the blockchain-based product system, our upstream product capabilities, information security, and contract auditing form a one-click deployment. We can represent the deployment of the entire service on this system and realize the entire operating system. Focus on information security, information security is to protect the user's personal privacy through the randomness of users, this is the four key products in the blockchain application.

How do we build the financial structure? The bottom two layers are our foundation. The personal IP is the foundation. The urban distribution is finally implemented by people and end-delivery enterprises. Business, service and finance, the four-way column rating of enterprises and car owners and customers, this is our next step to build the application in the whole system.

This is a member of the city, including corporate customers, insurance platforms, financial platforms, credit platforms will be presented above, the technology of the blockchain we are empowered to the entire operation, we have a lot of drivers, these credits Good, well-served drivers, we can provide support when he has financial needs.

Playing a small advertisement, we only make warehouses and stacks in the supply chain. We don’t touch C. We focus on the field of urban distribution. It was established in January. It was established for half a year and really started to do half a year. It is still a very small company. So far we are doing fast-moving, clothing, medicine, cold chain. As long as we are a small b customer, we can provide a good service for everyone, thank you.


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