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Product Description

Based on user customization requirements, KENGIC Logistics adopts a modular system business architecture. Through the configuration parameterization, the existing single point basic functions of WMS are integrated to help users realize complex business. With the continuous improvement of functions and the accumulation of single-point basic functions customized by various industries, it is believed that no code development is needed in the future. System configuration can be completed by implementing configuration and parameterization; based on the complex and varied production environment and the diversity of user-side carriers, the design of the user-side is realized by the structure of BS.

As long as hardware equipment support browser, the system can be directly logged in, and users can avoid installation of client terminal and environment setting. While WMS system software of IT Logistics applies the advanced platform-crossing technology to develop a source code supported by every client of every browser, thus having facilitated subsequent code maintenance and reduced development volume. 


Besides, WMS system software has realized visualization of stock and stock positions, which facilitates users to intuitively and rapidly check stock in any position and conduct interface-based specified warehouse-out or warehouse shifting; by virtue of intelligent sorting combination and dynamic release of orders and order batches, WMS system automatically obtains users' order information through interface, through intelligent algorithms and then combines with solutions and hardware system operating capacity and personnel operability to merge order intelligently, form order batches and dynamically and reorganize unreleased order batches based on specific conditions on site. 


Users can also set merger and calculation rules by themselves to realize intelligent oriented management. The tracking display of dynamic functions divides WMS system into static source and dynamic task, having realized inspection to static resource management. Tasks of upper level are received through interfaces of upper level, and tasks are integrated to form integration of tasks of upper level. After reaching the treatment task level, their resources will then be combined to decompose tasks and deal with them in a faster and more efficient way.


Treatment process of the entire task, source work tasks of each level and sub work tasks can be displayed through real-time task state, and users can intuitively follow up the life cycle of the entire task. WMS system of

KENGIC Logistics made statistics on operation logs and error logs. Error logs record reported errors in the system. If any emergency on site, branching reasons can be conveniently analyzed through remote log analysis, and remote online maintenance can deal with the emergency within a short time. 

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