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Wire Distribution Automation Project

Project Introduction

KENGIC is mainly responsible for the design, production, packaging, AGV transportation, installation and commissioning of the equipment in the project, including copper rod feeding in the workshop, wire drawing and blanking, bundle twisting on/off plate, wrapping on/off plate, insulation on/off Reel, cable upper/lower reel, armored upper/lower reel, sheath upper/lower reel, automatic raw material transfer, mold management, copper belt machine assists upper/lower reel, etc.


1. Improve the close coordination between production logistics and warehousing logistics, and reduce inventory. 

2. Reduce the intensity of manual labor and realize the reduction of staff and increase of production. 

3. Obtain accurate, timely and effective production process data to achieve 100% effective control. 

4. Realize all-round digital management through MOM+WMS+WCS+RCS system


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