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Product Description

 Warehouse Management System integrates various functions such as inbound and outbound management, material correspondence, inventory counting, virtual warehouse management, inventory statistics, etc. It is one of the most important manifestations of informatization in the field of warehouse logistics and the inevitable choice to realize standardized, refined and systematic warehousing management.

 WMS mainly manages warehouses with or without physical forms. Through the visualization of inventory and its positions, the warehouse inventory status will be shown to warehouse managers, they can check inventory of a certain location intuitively and quickly. Seamless docking with WCS, the outbound and warehouse shifting can be designated. The system is divided into static resources and dynamic tasks, it can realize the tracking & display of dynamic tasks and management & viewing of the processing procedure of the entire task. Through the real-time status display of the task, WMS provides task life cycle to track intuitively and complete log to query storage system.

The system software adopts a distributed system technology framework, which can achieve distributed deployment and enhance the processing speed and disaster tolerance of the system. It adopts modular system business structure, which integrates the existing single-point basic functions by configuration and parameters to realize the customers’ complex business. In the future, the system development may be realized by configuration parameters and without code development. The application of BS structure achieves the client design and development, advanced cross-platform technology and realizes one source code can be supported by all browsers and client device. 

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