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How to decode the gold chain of the freight industry: data = speed!

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Futurist Toffler once pointed out that in the information age, the value of data is becoming the core resource of industrial change, just like energy. In the face of inexhaustible data resources, who is best at collecting, processing and applying big data, who can create a golden chain of industrial value upgrades.

In China, where the economy is growing rapidly, the road freight industry is also growing at a high speed. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2017, the turnover of China's road goods was 595,251,110,000 tons/km, which was not only in the forefront of the world, but also increased by nearly 10% year-on-year. Such prosperous industrial practices have left the road freight industry with a lot of precious data. As the leading comprehensive service platform for road freight in China, Zhongjiao Xing Road is using the entire chain from collection, processing and application to bring the value that has not been obtained in the past.

Whether it is rich enough determines whether big data can create enough value. In the data collection, Zhongxing Xinglu is an expert. The “National Road Freight Vehicle Public Supervision and Service Platform” under construction and operation and maintenance of Zhongjiao Xing Road is the world's largest commercial vehicle networking platform, collecting and processing more than 5.6 million heavy-duty trucks with dynamic and static data, exceeding 20,000. The receiving track point of 100 million pieces, the total mileage of 557 billion, covers more than 95% of heavy trucks in China.

UI. Even with a comprehensive system coverage, it is still difficult to support and serve the cargo business on China's vast territory. Dynamic data is collected every 2-30 seconds. From the latitude and longitude of the vehicle, the number of miles traveled to the direction of travel, and the waybill information, there are dozens of data grabs per time.

The seemingly noisy data, Zhongxing Xinglu has the processing power of stone and gold. The Zhongxing Xinglu Prophet platform can make basic processing after “perceiving” data, and then realize “cognition” through deep mining, using data models, data reports, etc. for enterprises, vehicles and users, and finally realize through multidimensional data output. "predictive" of road freight.

Predicting is for better application and better value creation. According to the statistics of the State Administration of Work Safety, in the first four months of 2017, the number of traffic accidents and accident deaths increased by more than 10% year-on-year. How to avoid fatigue driving and create a safer road freight is not only the expectation of the whole industry, but also It is one of the missions of Zhongjiao Xing Road. The big data technology of Zhongjiao Xing Road can control drivers and vehicles in multiple dimensions, allowing insurance companies and transportation companies to master the driving dynamics in real time. According to statistics, with the technical assistance of Zhongjiao Xing Road, the driver's accident rate was reduced by 20%, and the claim cost was saved by 30%.

In addition to safety, making the road freight industry more intelligent and smarter is also the unswerving pursuit of Zhongjiao Xing Road. Chewangda Card of Zhongjiao Xing Road makes data optimization for insurance brokers, used car transactions, vehicle refueling, high-speed crossing and other cargo transportation scenarios. It provides a stop for driving, driving, refueling and arriving from the driver's convenience and safety. Service. Nowadays, more than 600,000 freight forwarders rely on the 100 billion-level data of Zhongjiao Xing Road every day to experience the smart and convenient service of Che Wang Da Ka.

If the road freight industry is the same as the Chinese economy, it is an increasingly strong giant. The application of Zhongjiao Xing Road to road freight big data is constantly opening up the second line of high-value development of industry giants. This value is not only reflected in safer transportation, but also in the development of increasingly intelligent. Under the efforts of Zhongxing Xinglu people, this is not only a vision, but also a reality.


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