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Why is the city's distribution enterprise growing hard? These big questions are the key!

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Urban warehouse integration

City joint distribution, also known as sharing third-party logistics services, is a process in which multiple customers join together to complete a distribution service by a third-party logistics distribution company. The work in this distribution link is completed under the unified planning and unified scheduling of the distribution center.

However, the city has been co-sponsored for many years, and the pace is still very slow; although as a regional distributor, in the case of a limited capacity, the combination of vertical and horizontal, the city of logistics with a unified warehouse is recognized as a mitigation city. The best plan for transportation, therefore, you will see that most of the cities in China have successively emerged as urban distribution providers based on the co-location of FMCG.

Difficult growth

There is no doubt about the social and commercial value of the unified warehouse. However, at the operational level, entrepreneurs need to consider clearly and how to do so to achieve stable returns.

The cause of the bottleneck:

1. Cash flow is always negative

As a city warehouse integration, the mode of realizing light asset operation by network technology does not exist in practice;

The unified warehouse has a lot of imagination, but when it is done, it finds that there are many problems and difficulties. After doing the unified warehouse, it is found that the unified warehouse has a single business model and the financial return period is too long. The revenue ceiling is very obvious, and the profitability is not enough until there is a large amount of traffic.

When the scale of customers continues to grow and expand, all expenses are prepaid, warehouse rent, staff salary, shunting fees, advance funds; like the three parties, accounts receivable will rise steadily with your business, due to The process of accounting and settlement is long, resulting in a larger business, and the funds will become like a snowball, quickly becoming a burden that you can't push;

Input and output are not at all proportional. And to further expand the business, it is even more difficult. Profits are nowhere in sight, as if jumping into a fire pit.

2. The helplessness of warehouse separation

The first problem encountered by the city in the business development is that the customer does not enter the warehouse.

First, it is a large-scale regional agency, most of which have their own warehouses; secondly, dealers move once in a warehouse, and the investment is not small. If the project didn't last long, it would stop and move too much. Third, I was afraid that my data would be leaked. I was afraid that the Trade and Industry Bureau would check the tax. In the fourth place, the competitors were one of the shareholders, and they were alert.

No matter what method is used to put the goods into the warehouse, you will generally encounter the second problem;

For example, the sales volume declines, the salesman is in conflict (the separation of people and vehicles causes the salesman to lose most of the gray income), and the terminal service has a series of problems (tally, market competition, personalized service, return and exchange process, etc.), brand opposition, delivery Various vulnerabilities and so on. Due to pressure from multiple parties, the owner of the goods was extremely difficult to adapt, and many cargo owners were discouraged because of difficulties.

The warehouse can not be integrated, the sorting link can not be effectively processed, and the principle of tally, first unloading, first unloading and unloading can not be achieved; the time of waiting for the vehicle cannot be determined, and the process reservation delay and postponement of delivery are behind. Will endless troubles;

3. Account document processing problem

The distribution of the city is not the past. The core of the supermarket distribution is the accounting treatment; there are often omissions in the processing of return orders, handover orders, damage orders and receipts. Your intelligent system is advanced, but you can't get into the supermarket. ERP, the owner's checkout is recognized as your manual order, and can be checked once in January, resulting in the disorder of the documents'

When your business scales up and the number of customers increases, congratulations; the troubles of the documents will always be with you; if you are lazy, the account period will be delayed, half a year is clear (most of the time you compromise), your profits will be This is exhausted;


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