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Home aviation logistics is the most cost-effective? Leaping over speed

Release time:2018-09-01 Browse:1145

The consumption upgrade has brought about the rapid rise of e-commerce, and has also changed the current consumption and living conditions of the people. On the contrary, the behavior of consumers has also changed the development of the e-commerce model, and even the development trend of the logistics industry, pursuing good and fast. The logistics experience has become just what is needed.

In terms of logistics speed, the pursuit of high-efficiency logistics experience, of course, preferred aviation logistics. It is precisely in order to meet the requirements of more and more enterprises for high-time logistics, the opening of aviation logistics channels has become the development trend of logistics enterprises, such as SF, Yuantong, Debang have layout and development in aviation logistics, therefore, air cargo The logistics market has always maintained a strong momentum of development.

Aviation starts to seize the market commanding heights

With the development of social economy and the increasingly strong demand for express delivery brought by the development of Internet + e-commerce, people's requirements for timeliness will inevitably become higher and higher. From the development track of international logistics, aviation logistics is also one of the commanding heights of competition.


Based on this, from the establishment of the "cross-speed transport" will put the core business in air cargo, focus on the development of air transport, and the first to propose "limited time transport" services, the launch of the day, the next day, every other day, etc. Three inter-provincial products. This was a groundbreaking initiative in the past, even something that many people could not think of. In the following 10 years, Cross-Speed has always focused on the accumulation of time-limited fields and deeply cultivated the market.

There is competition in the market. In this commercial war without smoke, in the face of fierce market competition, in the protection network formed by SF Express and Tongda Express, the speed of transportation is based on the secret of martial arts. A cake that allows both the industry and its rivals to continue to grow and become a rival that Lian Shunfeng, Debon and other express logistics giants dare not despise, is a topic that has been attracting attention from outside.

In this situation, if you want to achieve sustained growth, you will be in a sudden position in air cargo transportation, and you will be able to strike a good job of “logistics aging.” It is not only necessary to complete the layout from the aspects of mode, management, technology, etc. Must be accurate, cost-effective and safe service, is the two trump card to win over the customer.

Time commitment promises price advantage

For the choice of logistics companies, enterprises should not only pursue timeliness, but also consider cost-effectiveness. A relatively low price in the same industry can also obtain high-efficiency, high-security, high-quality air logistics services, which is definitely the most cost-effective and ideal transaction.

Reducing costs and improving efficiency are the foundation of enterprise development. Cross-speed transportation has firmly grasped these two key points, directly attacked the pain points of enterprise-level logistics, and seized the commanding heights of aviation logistics, and has made rapid progress. Currently, it has 11 freight charters and 15,000. With a car, 50,000 employees and more than 3,000 service outlets, it also built its own large aviation abdominal warehouse resources, matching the best aviation resources for customers, and providing a matching capacity guarantee to ensure the time commitment. , greatly improving the overall logistics efficiency. The rapid development of the leap, so that SF, which has always been proud of aviation logistics, is admired.

Time-sensitive priority, cross-precision positioning, intensive internal work, leapfrogging safety services and cost-effectiveness, launched the industry's first 7*24-hour dispatch service, that is, 24 hours a day, regardless of batches, processing shipments at any time, and upgrading We have developed a butler-type one-to-one customized service mechanism, 24 hours of real-time response to customer needs and other value-added services, not only to meet the needs of users with better service experience, but also to solve the logistics pain points of enterprises. In terms of freight, the price of aviation products is slightly lower than that of SF, which is more advantageous.

On the other hand, behind the "time-limited" is the bold investment in technology, the IT team of thousands of people, and the early realization of the three major systems docking: logistics system, airport aviation system, GPS global positioning system, Accurately grasp the real-time position of each ticket, and solve the pain points in logistics service in an intelligent way.


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