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56 up knowledge, come see here

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56 is the homonym of logistics,

Therefore, May 6 of each year is defined as

Logistics Festival.

In today's high-speed information transmission,

People's lives are already inseparable from logistics.

The so-called: "no logistics without survival."

I think you also benefit from them,

So on this special day that is coming,

May 6th,

Once a year logistics festival,

Please don't be indifferent,

Don't worry,

Don't refuse,

Give them even a smile,

a greeting,

Warming the entire frontline logistics person,

I sincerely hope that you will tell them this time: You have worked hard!

at the same time,

Logistics people are more concerned,

It is the third logistics brand summit to be held in Beijing on the same day.

Let me first give you a lot of spoilers, the highlights of this summit!


New Deal Interpretation

The continuous implementation of national policies has brought a strong boost to the development of the logistics industry. Deeply interpret the industry's new cargo policy and the frontiers of logistics and entrepreneurship, grasp the trend of the logistics industry under the policy, and grasp the policy dividend of China's logistics industry in the fast-growing development. The third China Smart Logistics Brand Day will be covered. A large piece of the egg.


Smart logistics ecology creates and upgrades

Creating a credible and sustainable logistics ecosystem can help enterprises realize the exchange of advantages of logistics resources and promote the common development of the logistics industry. On the basis of the previous two summits, the third China Smart Logistics Brand Day will launch “Smart Logistics Integrity Brand Alliance 2.0” to create a better life for users by creating an open and win-win environment of integrity.


Big coffee gathering

Come to play CALL

Entrepreneur pioneers share their entrepreneurial experience and explore new models for the development of the logistics industry. The 3rd China Smart Logistics Brand will bring together the industry's smart logistics benchmarking enterprises to create an open, collaborative and win-win innovation and entrepreneurial platform for entrepreneurs. Through the transmission, help and belt of the new model, the logistics industry will develop for the logistics industry. Start a business and play CALL.



Kejie Power

Innovative IoT technologies such as blockchain, new energy, and unmanned vehicles are gathered. The 3rd China Smart Logistics Brand Day will create a high-tech fantasy blockbuster that will let every participant feel the charm of smart technology brought to logistics. Qingdao Kejie Logistics was invited to participate in this event to bring smart logistics solutions to help the industry develop.

Is it very heart-warming, then on May 6, we will see you in Beijing!


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