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Women are like Marchday, KENGIC woman half the sky

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Women are like Marchday, KENGIC woman half the sky


In the spring of March, this season of tenderness and water is destined to belong to the world of women. It is also a year of March 8th. You obviously have a value, but you have to rely on talent. You have made outstanding contributions in your respective jobs with their unique exquisiteness and tenacity. Cojete prepared gifts and applause, and wished the female compatriots of Kejie: the world, the world, the universe!

A person is like a flower, and a woman is like a flower. A woman is like a flower, colorful and quiet, blooming quietly, it is a different kind of scenery in the spring, it is the most beautiful picture between heaven and earth. May a woman spend a lifetime, spend all the way, aroma all the way, a lifetime of fragrance!


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