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Honor] The perfect "double 11" of KENGIC people!

Release time:2017-11-14 Browse:731

The "Double 11" peak has passed, everyone's parcels are all ready?

"Double 11" may mean buying and buying for many people.

For Kejie people,

The stability of the equipment and the customer's praise are the sweat and exhaustion

Perfect interpretation!

In order to thank the on-site personnel for their dedication, the Jingdong South China Shishan Sorting Center presented the banner to Kejie. Kejie is the supplier of sorting and conveying system for this project. During the “Double 11” period, Kejie dispatched a team of 4 experts on the project site to track the system operation 24 hours a day. According to statistics, only 11.11-11.13, the total throughput of the project is nearly 720,000. Under such a large load, the final system only had one temporary failure, and under the rapid response of Kejie duty personnel, it resumed operation within 15 minutes, effectively ensuring the Jingdong South China Shishan Sorting Center during the “Double 11” period. Normal operation.


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