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New Era, New Journey: A New Chapter in Kejie Logistics

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The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has just come to an end. This is a very important meeting held during the crucial period of the decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way, marking the beginning of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the new era, there must be new actions. In the report of the 19th National Congress, General Secretary Xi pointed out that “the focus of economic development is on the real economy”, “accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing, promoting the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and entities. The conclusions of "integration of the economy" and "cultivating new growth points in the field of modern supply chain" point out the direction for the redevelopment of China's manufacturing enterprises in the new historical period.

It is for the upgrading of the home furnishing industry. On October 25th, the “2017 First China Home Furnishing Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Seminar” hosted by Logistics Technology and Application magazine was held in Guangzhou Poly Holiday Hotel. With the theme of “embraceing change and creating the future together”, the conference brought together more than 200 industry experts and elites such as home production enterprises, home stores, e-commerce platforms, logistics service providers and logistics technology equipment companies to discuss the logistics transformation of the home industry. The new concept, new model and new technology will explore a new way for China's home furnishing enterprise supply chain optimization and logistics intelligent development. Mr. Wang Jixiang, Vice President of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, delivered a speech at the meeting. Mr. Xu Ke, Deputy General Manager of Kejie Logistics, was invited as a senior expert in the field of intelligent logistics in the home industry to participate in the forum interactive exchange. Kejie Logistics also relies on smart logistics in the home industry. The outstanding contributions in development were the first to receive a heavy award.

Transformation and upgrading

The modernization of the home industry is inseparable from the transformation and innovation of the logistics system and supply chain. Compared with e-commerce and other industries, China's home furnishing industry is still in the initial stage of logistics construction. The digitalization, informationization and intelligence of logistics are not high, and there are still many artificial dependencies, and logistics costs remain high.

In the interactive communication with the theme of “transformation and upgrading”, Mr. Xu Ke, the deputy general manager of Kejie Logistics, has accumulated rich experience in the intelligent construction of logistics in the home industry for many years, and the core bottlenecks and pain points of the intelligent construction of the home industry. The topic was shared, pointing out the key role of clear requirements, process opening and software and hardware technology innovation in logistics system integration. It provided suggestions for the transformation and upgrading of China's home furnishing industry, and was highly recognized by on-site guests and experts. For the home industry, logistics service providers, equipment companies, etc. showcase the wisdom of Kejie.


Big prize, Kejie won

The 2017 China Home Furnishing Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Seminar was held for the first time. It is another important event for China's home furnishing industry. It is a high-quality and high-level communication platform for home supply chain and logistics companies. In order to recognize enterprises and people who have made outstanding contributions in the industry, and promote the logistics upgrade of China's home furnishing industry, the organizing committee specially held the "2017 China Home Furnishing Industry Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Honor Selection Campaign".

With many excellent cases and innovations in the intelligent construction of logistics in the home industry, Kejie Logistics has won the first “Outstanding Supplier of Supply Chain and Smart Logistics in China Home Furnishing Industry” by layer-by-layer screening and highlighting. Jieji Logistics has a high degree of recognition in the process of logistics transformation and upgrading in the home industry. It has set a benchmark for intelligent logistics system integration peers, and will also become the future of Kejie Logistics for the transformation of China's home furnishing industry and even China's manufacturing modernization. Exhausted power.

Not forgetting the initial heart and keeping in mind the mission, the Kejie mission of “promoting the intelligent development of enterprise logistics solutions” is highly compatible with the development needs of China's new era. Based on the achievements of the past, Kejie Logistics will also embark on a new journey based on its proud achievements, and write a more brilliant new chapter. In order to "become the world's leading provider of smart logistics system solutions", Kejie Dream has made unremitting efforts!


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