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Efficient and customized logistics system integration boosts the path of smart logistics transformation and upgrading - Interview with Liu Zhuang, Project Director, Transportation Sorting Division, Qingdao KENGIC Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Lead: With the comprehensive promotion and implementation of the "Made in China 2025" strong country strategy, Qingdao Kejie Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Qingdao Kejie) is advancing with the times and is gradually focusing on three-dimensional warehouses, distribution, express delivery, In the field of intelligent manufacturing, we integrate design and manufacturing, realize the integration of logistics systems, and basically realize the intelligence of logistics and manufacturing.


Qingdao KENGIC is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of logistics system integration and automated logistics equipment. Driven by smart technology, we are committed to promoting the intelligent development of enterprise logistics solutions. At present, Qingdao Kejie has a manufacturing base of 202 acres and a machining base of 500 acres and a research and development center of 15,000 square meters. It is an advanced digital and intelligent manufacturing research base in the industry. With the promotion of “Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0” and the rapid development of China's e-commerce industry, Qingdao Kejie is fully deploying with the overall integration of logistics system as the leading factor, with systematic consulting design as the skeleton and high quality. Automated robotics and logistics equipment is a large logistics layout with muscles and informational IoT technology as its soul.

Liu Zhuang introduced that Qingdao Kejie is a new leader in the field of logistics in the rubber machinery industry. It has an independent mechanism and development strategy, and has obtained all aspects of the software control group in terms of resource platform. The main areas of Qingdao Kejie service are intelligent manufacturing for the manufacturing industry, cargo sorting system for the express delivery industry, and integrated automated logistics solutions for the e-commerce distribution industry, providing customers with the best experience of personalized service in the field of “intelligence” in China. . From technical consulting, planning and design, equipment manufacturing to software development, project implementation, and system integration, Kejie Logistics has formed a complete industrial chain, creating a strong logistics neuron network for customers, allowing each customer to enjoy the wisdom of logistics. Convenient and comfortable. Up to now, Qingdao Kejie has delivered nearly 20 sets of automated cross-belt sorting systems for Jingdong, China Post, SF, Vipshop, BES Huitong and other domestic famous enterprises, among which, it is BES Huitong in Shanghai. Shenyang, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin and many other cities have built automated sorting centers. In 2016, only seven projects were launched and delivered. These are enough to reflect the brand strength of Qingdao Kejie.

Keep up with the times and provide efficient system solutions


With the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has become an inevitable shopping method in life, which has also driven the development of the express delivery industry. Nowadays, many companies in the express delivery industry are planning the road to listing, providing strong financial support for the future development, and many e-commerce companies outside the industry have been rushing to express, which will force the express enterprise to transform and upgrade. Based on this, express delivery companies have fully realized that intelligent logistics will become the only way. Through the construction of information system, automatic express distribution, intelligent package distribution, improve distribution efficiency, reduce mismatch rate, reduce management cost pressure, and easily deal with the "419", "618", "double 11" mark.

Liu Zhuang said that Qingdao Kejie, as a professional logistics system integrator, shines hot in the field of intelligent logistics systems, aiming to provide logistics system solutions and overall system engineering suitable for the development of its own enterprises for the express delivery enterprises, e-commerce industry and manufacturing industries. . In the express delivery industry, the conveyor sorting system is the core of the entire business flow. As the express delivery industry develops rapidly, the demand for sorting equipment is also expanding, and the requirements for equipment quality are also increasing. In the face of new market challenges, Qingdao Kejie provides users with a series of solutions from equipment manufacturing to maintenance, which ensures the accurate, efficient and stable transportation and sorting of many express delivery companies. Qingdao Kejie has provided several sets of logistics equipment for SF's multiple distribution centers, and built a one-stop logistics system solution including transportation and sorting. In the past year, Qingdao Kejie also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SF Express to promote the intelligent development of express logistics. The signing of the agreement has made the cooperation between the two parties closer and more stable. Qingdao Kejie expects to work side by side with the intelligent road of express delivery, e-commerce and manufacturing to promote the intelligent development of enterprise logistics solutions and provide professional and leading logistics system solutions and overall system engineering for Chinese and even world enterprises. According to Liu Zhuang, Qingdao Kejie will join hands with China Post to build an automated sorting center in Jinhua. In May, it has officially entered the factory for on-site installation work. Now Qingdao Kejie is being favored by more and more express delivery and e-commerce companies.

Customer-oriented, tailor-made professional solutions

Talking about the outstanding case of Qingdao Kejie, Liu Zhuang proudly said: “Every project is an excellent case. We compare each project to a baby. The project delivery process is the growth process of the baby. The process is very difficult but the result Very beautiful." Of course, the success of each project is inseparable from the unique management mode of Qingdao Kejie, namely "project manager system" and "project supervisor engineer system". This is a unique management method, which can guarantee the perfection of the project. get on. This perfect management model has also been well received by customers, and from the actual effect, it has greatly improved the speed of project delivery and effectively improved the quality of project delivery. For example, in 2016, Qingdao Kejie's Jingdong Suzhou External Single Sorting Center automatic sorting project adopted this management method. With only 50 days of delivery cycle, the project was completed efficiently, accurately and with high quality.

Today, project delivery speed has become the core competitiveness of the logistics industry, while product stability is the industry lifeline. Qingdao Kejie takes customers as the center, not only saves time and costs but also guarantees the quality of project completion. In addition to this perfect project management mode, it also has advanced design tools, perfect quality system, professional construction team and modular debugging. Programs, professional after-sales service teams and stable and efficient products.

Liu Zhuang further introduced that the advanced design tools refer to the automatic generation of engineering design drawings, relying on the huge design drawing data map, each time only need to input the number of project products into the system, the design drawings will be automatically generated, and the drawing error rate is almost Zero; perfect quality system means that all products on the project site are pre-assembled in the factory, and there are pre-prepared fixtures and inspection dies. All the products are completely SV-checked to ensure the quality of all products; the professional construction team is Refers to the professional construction team of Qingdao Kejie. The construction team leader has participated in the Nanjing EMS and SF China Aviation Hub projects in China, and has rich construction experience. The modular debugging program means that all debugging procedures of the project are modular and standardized, all The module program is subjected to thousands of simulation tests to ensure zero bugs in the debugging program. It only needs to input parameters on site, which not only saves time but also ensures 100% stable operation of the system. Professional after-sales service means that it has efficient after-sales service response speed. And a wide range of service outlets in East China, North China and South China Central, Southeast, Southwest and other places are established service network, ensures maintenance of equipment aging. And during the annual "419", "618" promotion and "Double 11" shopping festival operation peak period, the establishment of the transport sorting emergency command center, the technical experts personally remote monitoring of the duty, the response can be calculated in seconds, 2016 During the “Double 11” period, the conveyor sorting system successfully sorted 20 million votes, and the system stability was 100%, which was highly praised by customers. The high-efficiency and stable product refers to its self-developed fully automatic imported cross-belt sorting system under the trolley. The bracket structure realizes the integrated design and is locked by seven screws, which reduces the error rate of the workers during assembly and reduces the maintenance of the equipment. The accessories are selected from the European high-end configuration, and the software system independently developed by Kejie is used. The user has achieved easier operation and easier maintenance. The cross-belt sorting system has obtained CE certification (European-standard certification), which provides users with more accurate, simple and fast sorting services. "In the Jingdong project, the high-speed cross-belt sorter can achieve 100% sorting accuracy during the acceptance test, and the system availability is 100% for 6 consecutive months. In the Vipshop project, cross-belt The small sorter uses a speed of 2.2M/s and the theoretical throughput can reach 26,400 pieces per hour.


With the continuous development of the industry, Liu Zhuang said that in the future, Qingdao Kejie will continue to focus on “gathering the elite of the industry and creating a world brand”, and promote the intelligent upgrade of the industry with innovative technology, strong strength, high quality and efficient professionalism. . Let automation, information and intelligence become universal, and strive to become the world's leading provider of intelligent logistics system solutions. At the same time, it integrates its own experience in the logistics industry into other industries, combines the advantages of plant logistics and warehousing logistics with intelligent manufacturing, and integrates transportation equipment, sorting equipment, robotic equipment, control software and AGV into more technology. The system provides high-tech products and services that are more responsive to the times.


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