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Deciphering the secret of 618 logistics and more calmly - KENGIC wisdom sorting and holding e-commerce carnival, upgrading the road of logistics

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After the double eleventh, 618 has become another carnival shopping party for the handicrafts. From the initial Jingdong monopoly to the e-commerce platform, the consumption flow of 618 showed explosive growth year by year. According to statistics, from June 1st to 18th at 24 o'clock, Jingdong 618 National Wholesale Shopping Festival cumulative order sales have exceeded 119.9 billion yuan, Jingdong "618" first-hour sales increased by nearly 250%. Tmall International opened only 7 minutes, and the transaction broke through 100 million yuan. In the half hour of the opening of the fast-moving industry, Tmall supermarkets grew by 13 times year-on-year...

Although the sales performance of carnival shopping has shown a spurt of growth, the logistics experience is getting better and better, but it has become the general consensus of consumers. When the day and the next day, the day and the day become the normal state of logistics services. Behind the increasingly high-quality logistics services, it is naturally inseparable from the hardware blessing of logistics intelligent technology. The application and investment of automated logistics equipment makes the carnival no longer stop at the price concessions, and the logistics distribution speed has finally fallen into practice.

In the past two years, major e-commerce express delivery companies have undergone changes in logistics operations, introducing automated logistics equipment to achieve cost control and refined management. Intelligent, automated logistics technology not only improves delivery efficiency, but also optimizes the service experience. It is well known that the handling cost of sorting operations accounts for 90% of the cost of handling in the distribution center, and 30% to 40% of the operating time of the entire distribution center is occupied by the sorting operation. The advanced technology of sorting technology directly affects the service level, shopping experience and market share of express delivery e-commerce enterprises. Therefore, the application of intelligent sorting equipment is the best embodiment of the wisdom of the entire express e-commerce industry.

It is reported that Qingdao Kejie Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent system integrator who has long been working in the intelligent logistics operation of e-commerce and express delivery industry, with e-commerce Jingdong, Vipshop and express delivery companies SF, China Post, "three links and one" All have established a good cooperative relationship. In just two years from 2016 to 2017, Kejie Logistics has designed more than 20 sets of automated cross-belt sorting systems for these customers. Among them, in the SF Longzhou small-piece automatic sorting project and Jinhua Post transport sorting project, Kejie Logistics is their first private enterprise cross-belt sorting system supplier.

In this battle of 618 logistics, the sorting equipment designed and manufactured by Kejie has become an important force to improve the efficiency of logistics and distribution during the e-commerce promotion period. According to statistics, the “616” of the Vipshop Automation East China Sorting Project created by Kejie has a processing capacity of 480,000 on the same day and a peak processing of 14,000 pieces per hour. The Jingdong Huadong Outer Single Automatic Sorting Project “618” processed 300,000 pieces a day. The peak processing capacity is 16,000 pieces/hour. During the period, the sorting equipment was in normal operation for 24 hours without any malfunction. At the SF, Baishi Huitong, Yunda, Yuantong and other projects, Kejie's cross-belt sorting system also has a good performance. The intelligent operation ensures the smooth sorting of a large number of orders in a short time. The future of e-commerce is based on intelligent technology. The application of innovative sorting technology enables the sorting efficiency to be improved by leaps and bounds. The distribution process is optimized under the opportunity of the information age, and the management of e-commerce enterprises is more intelligent.

It is also reported that in order to help customers calmly respond to this big promotion and solve the emergency situation in the first time, Kejie has set up a peak emergency command center, with the project director as the emergency command team leader and technical expert as the deputy leader, 24 hours remote. Monitoring, always pay attention to the equipment on the project site to ensure that logistics operations are foolproof.

Good after-sales service is an important manifestation of corporate responsibility. At the Vipshop project site, Kejie's after-sales service team arrived at the site 2-3 days in advance to carry out equipment inspection and maintenance. During the promotion period, after-sales service personnel worked overtime on the scene to help customers smoothly pass the sorting peak.

This 618, Kejie Logistics and the customer side by side, so that the sorting speed is fast enough to fly. In the future, Kejie will integrate more closely with express e-commerce companies, with high-quality logistics system integration capabilities to help them better optimize resource allocation and build smarter logistics mechanisms in e-commerce such as “618” and “Double 11”. The Creativity Festival brings customers visually enhanced efficiency and intelligently upgrades the shopping experience of end consumers.


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