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Vipshop's East China Automatic Sorting Project won the “2017 Annual Logistics Supply Chain Informatization Excellent Case Award”

Release time:2017-06-21 Browse:716

Recently, the 2017 (ninth) China Logistics Informatization Conference was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. Kejie Logistics won the “2017 Logistics Supply Chain Informatization Excellent Case Award” by virtue of the East China Automation Sorting Center project jointly established with Vipshop. Deputy General Manager Chen Lifeng received this award on behalf of Ke Jie.

The theme of the conference was “Innovation-driven logistics industry wisdom upgrade”, and discussed how to promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry under the background of the Internet+, aiming at promoting new technologies to support the cross-border integration of the logistics industry with other fields to create logistics. New format. As a professional logistics system integrator, Kejie Logistics has helped the manufacturing industry, the express delivery industry, and the e-commerce industry customers to upgrade their logistics systems by providing integrated intelligent logistics solutions to rapidly promote the comprehensive flowering of intelligent logistics. Many highly automated logistics have been built. The project has made outstanding contributions in promoting the development of intelligent logistics.

The award-winning Vipshop Huadong Automation Sorting Center is one of the typical representative projects of Kejie Logistics. The project is divided into two phases, all of which are completed by Kejie Logistics. This project is obtained in both delivery capacity and product quality. The customer is highly praised. Since the operation, the sorting efficiency of the customer site has been greatly improved, and the labor cost has been effectively controlled.

The conference believes that the cross-belt sorting system provided by Kejie assists Vipshop to keep up with the needs of industry transformation and transformation, and to automate the logistics system as a service support for the surge in orders, and to help customers achieve many through software and hardware systems and big data. The refined operation of the link, bid farewell to the extensive logistics era. The application of the automated logistics system allows the entire distribution center to be carried out in an orderly manner during the operation process. The degree of informationization is improved in overall management, precise management, manpower saving, and effective allocation of employee resources. The Kejie Vipshop Huadong Automation Sorting Center Project is an outstanding representative project to promote the construction of logistics information.


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