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KENGIC balance wheel sorter allows inbound rough into automatic mode

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Today, with the continuous advancement of Internet+ and Industry 4.0, the logistics construction of many express delivery and distribution centers has entered the development path of automation, data and information. All kinds of automated logistics products have been launched to cope with the increasing orders. However, with the upgrade and innovation of the e-commerce express industry, the customer's individualized demand for orders is becoming more and more obvious, which requires major logistics equipment manufacturers and automated logistics integrators to provide more customized logistics solutions according to the order structure and production scale. Program.

Recently, Kejie has combined with the demand for a well-known express delivery company to enter the port of Hong Kong to build a balance wheel entry center project in Hangzhou Distribution Center. In the past, the delivery of this express delivery company relied on labor. With the development of the business, the drawbacks of low sorting efficiency and high labor costs became more and more obvious, and the demand for automated sorting became more and more urgent. To this end, Kejie in-depth research and analysis of the order requirements of this express delivery company, with the help of logistics equipment and systems such as balance sorter, belt conveyor, roller conveyor, WAS sorting system to help them plan an automated sorting project .

Work flow

The entire project has a small footprint and low operating costs, which fundamentally meets the actual needs of customers and achieves high automation operations:

When the shipment is transferred to the distribution center, it is manually scanned and placed on the telescopic belt conveyor. The shipment information will be uploaded to the WAS sorting system, and then the data in the distribution center server will be read for comparative analysis to determine the shipment. Which grid to go to;

The shipment is then passed to the corresponding balance sorting area by the accumulating belt conveyor, the two-in-one drum machine, and the climbing belt conveyor, and finally sorted to the corresponding grid.

Core equipment

The balance sorter designed and manufactured by Kejie plays a central role in this inbound coarse sorting line and is the key equipment for determining the efficiency of sorting. Cosy's balance sorter is modular in design and can be used for front and rear butt belt conveyors or roller machines. It has high flexibility and is easy to place and compact in the overall layout. The balance sorter is identified according to the commands and information issued by the control system during operation, and the steering controller is used to change the conveying direction of the balance wheel to sort the articles to the appropriate split channel.

This balance sorter can be applied in the distribution center of express delivery and e-commerce industries, and can realize two-way sorting on both sides, which greatly saves space. After using this equipment, both soft and hard bags can be sorted, and 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° steering can be realized according to different needs of customers. The processing piece has a maximum size of 1000mm*800mm, a maximum weight of 50kg/piece, and a processing capacity of 2500-4000 pieces/hour.

This device also has the following highlights:

➤ Sorting is fast and accurate, and has no impact on the items, especially for the sorting of fragile items;

➤ It is convenient to realize the sorting design of items of different lengths and widths by increasing or decreasing the number of balance wheels;

沿 The transmission mode of the motor plus O belt is adopted, the structure is simple and dexterous, the appearance is beautiful and easy to maintain;

➤ The balance of the balance wheel is small, and it is more suitable for working conditions.

This set of balance sorting lines provided by Kejie saved at least half of the manpower for the express delivery enterprise, solved the problem of automation of the coarsening of incoming ports, effectively controlled the operating costs, and greatly improved the sorting efficiency. . Customers are also very optimistic about this product, there will be more demand for the balance sorting line in the later stage.


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