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KENGIC cross belt has another good news: the second phase of the E-commerce industry East China Automation Sorting Center passed the initial test

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After a series of evaluations such as material audit, on-site testing and technical assessment, the second phase of the East China Cross-belt Sorting System, which Kejie has planned and built for a well-known enterprise in the e-commerce industry, passed the initial test in the near future. The whole project progressed smoothly. It took only more than 50 days from installation, commissioning, testing to official use. This time left another excellent record in the Coty project delivery cycle.

1 Wisdom results bring new cooperation

From November 2015 to March 2016, Kejie planned and built the first phase of the East China Automation Sorting Center for this e-commerce enterprise. After the project was put into use, the customer actually felt the benefits of the automated logistics system in the operation of the distribution center. Today, in the e-commerce industry, there is an urgent need for transformation and upgrading. The cross-belt sorting system provided by Kejie has established a standardized logistics information platform for this e-commerce platform. Compared with the traditional distribution center in the same industry, in the sorting efficiency. Rapidly improved, the entire distribution process was optimized, and labor costs were significantly reduced.

Thanks to the intelligent and flexible operation of the logistics system, and considering that a set of sorter sites cannot meet all the requirements of the parcel machine operation, the e-commerce company decided to use Kejie Logistics again. Responsible for the construction of a cross-belt sorting system.

2 leading technology beyond requirements

According to the person in charge of the project, the second phase of the East China Sorting Center consists of 87 belt conveyors, 10 supply platforms, 202 sorting trolleys, 100 sorting compartments, 1 WAS system and 2 inclined belt conveyors. Core equipment and systems. According to the agreement of the technical agreement, the efficiency of sorting trolleys needs to reach the standard of 1.8m/s-2.0m/s. In actual operation, Kejie's cross-belt can reach a speed of 2.2m/s, which meets and exceeds customer requirements. . The theoretical processing capacity of the cross-belt sorting system is 26,400 pieces per hour, and the accuracy of real-time test sorting is 99.9996%. The equipment is at the international leading level in the industry.

3 automatic operation smoothly

Then, how does the complete sorting system provided by Kejie serve the distribution center? Xiaobian will give you a detailed explanation:

★ During the operation process, the data is uploaded to the customer's warehouse management system through scan code and then transferred to the WAS sorting management system for archival management;

★ After the package is packaged in OQC and then scanned and uploaded, it is placed on the belt surface of the conveyor. It is sent to the inclined belt conveyor through the conveyor and roughly sorted into 10 chutes for the charter, waiting for the manual to be placed in the charter. Pick up

★ The parcel is triggered by the photoelectric machine, and then the matching cross-belt sorting car is distributed to the corresponding car. After scanning by the scanner, the WAS data parameters are sorted into the corresponding slot chute.

4 continuous optimization to win praise

 It is also reported that the second phase of the project has been further optimized in design, which is more concise in installation and more convenient and quick to maintain. Since the official use of the customer, the equipment has been running very smoothly, and it has also experienced the initial test of the customer's promotion and won the unanimous approval of the customer.


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