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Rapid advancement: When the Kodak Harbin Cross Belt Sorting System is installed...

Release time:2017-06-05 Browse:709

Recently, the 9th cooperation project jointly developed by Kejie and a leading company in the express delivery industry---Harbin cross-belt sorting system is in the process of intense installation. The entire Harbin project sorter has a length of 65 meters and consists of 121 500-pitch cars and 2 cars for the upper parts. It is reported that the installation of the mechanical part of the project has been completed and electrical installation work is underway.

Extreme operating environment


The temperature of the Harbin project is extremely low in winter, extremely cold, and the minimum temperature can reach minus 28 degrees. Therefore, the requirements for equipment and technology are very high in the operating environment. In the early stage, Kejie performed outstandingly in the Shenyang project that cooperated with this express delivery enterprise. The sorter developed and manufactured was very stable after one winter operation, and no fault occurred. Therefore, the strength gave birth to trust, the two sides quickly reached a new cooperation, and the customer assuredly handed over the Harbin project to Kejie to complete.

Guarantee period and quality


All along, Kejie has made every effort in project construction, and the quality and construction period have been on track. The installers of the Harbin project also adhered to the concept of Kejie, and did not take a day off during the three-day holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival, which fully guaranteed the installation process of the project.

The Harbin project will enter the market on May 22, and it is expected that the trial operation will be realized in early June. Kejie strives to achieve rapid and high-quality delivery...

More progress in the project will be brought together...


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