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Taiyuan's inbound-type cross-belt sorting system has been successfully accepted in recent days.

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985 genuine parts test, accuracy rate 100%, sorting efficiency 12060 pieces/hour... This string number is the processing record of Taiyuan's inbound-type cross-belt sorting system. A series of excellent test data represents this. Excellent project sorting capability for the project.

Continuation of cooperation, high quality delivery

After two months of hard work and hard work, the Taiyuan Incoming Cross Belt Sorting System, which was jointly established by Kejie Logistics and a leading company in the express delivery industry, successfully passed the acceptance test in recent days. The Taiyuan Inbound Cross Belt System is the eighth cooperation project between Kejie Logistics and this customer. Prior to this project, Kejie had a lot of connections with this express delivery company. In 2016, the two sides cooperated in seven projects and established a long-term and good cooperative relationship.

While ensuring rapid delivery, the entire project also showed a very good level of overall quality: at the time of acceptance, the project passed without zero error, and the overall efficiency of the sorter, sorting accuracy, and reading rate reached The technical specifications formulated by the customer; since the acceptance, the project has been running very stable, no downtime, and all functions can meet the requirements of on-site sorting.

Overcoming the problem

It is reported that during the construction of the project, the site conditions are extremely difficult, and the project personnel need to overcome many difficulties. They often have to face the situation of no water and no electricity. It is the normal state of work to work overtime. The harsh on-site environment is a great test for the field personnel.

In addition to on-site conditions, occasional emergencies also challenge the limits of project personnel. During the construction process, due to the lack of experience of the scanner manufacturer's commissioning personnel, the project construction period was delayed by 5 days. The project personnel worked over 17 hours per day for equipment debugging, which was subject to great load both physically and mentally. However, the project personnel withstood the pressure, repeated debugging, and finally catch up with the construction period, and completed the delivery work in a short period of two months.

Add cooperation projects

Next, Kejie and this express delivery company will continue to cooperate with the project. In the continuous cooperation, Kejie will also provide customers with more suitable solutions, bringing more advanced and innovative product experience.


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