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KENGIC has achieved great success in the field of retail logistics: excellent logistics engineering award, logistics innovation technology award

Release time:2017-05-23 Browse:716

May 18-19, China's new retail and new logistics development forum and the 7th China Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain and Logistics Summit were successfully held in Shanghai, and more than 250 industry leaders from the retail, logistics and Internet sectors gathered together. With the theme of “new change, new logistics, new future”, we will deeply explore the future development trend of China's retail industry's supply chain and logistics.

After the selection of the organizing committee and relevant institutions, Kejie Logistics won two awards such as “Excellent Logistics Engineering Award” and “Logistics Innovation Technology Award”. This honor is a great recognition of Kejie's efforts in promoting the upgrading of logistics in the retail sector.

Peak dialogue, thought collision

Driven by the rapid economic growth, the Chinese retail market has increased its market sales volume year by year. Efficient supply chain system and logistics system are one of the key factors for the success of retail business and enhance the consumer experience. Therefore, we will create an efficient and coordinated supply chain and logistics information system, coordinate and optimize online and offline integration for today's retail industry and The e-commerce platform has an important role and strategic value.

Kejie Logistics knows and understands this development trend. At the “peak dialogue” held on the 18th, Keke Executive Vice President Xu Ke will face the challenge of “multi-channel retailing”. The frontier topics such as "problems and coping strategies" have been shared with well-known industry insiders to discuss the infinite possibilities of smart logistics in retail development, and express the determination of Kejie Logistics to deepen the field of new retail logistics technology.


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