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News | Kejie cross belt sorting system successfully entered the 2017 "Mayor Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix

Release time:2017-05-19 Browse:714

Recently, the 2017 "Mayor's Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix was officially launched and started to collect. The high-speed cross-belt sorter developed and produced by Kejie Logistics has stood out in 307 entries and won the competition. Smart Design Award nomination.

The theme of this grand prix is "Industrial Design Leading Manufacturing", focusing on the development direction of intelligent manufacturing, high-quality manufacturing, green manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing, and promoting the deep integration of industrial design and advanced manufacturing. Kejie's cross-belt sorting system wins the Grand Prix with its forward-looking technology, intelligent design and unique appearance: this system uses an integrated induction table such as an aluminum alloy frame, and a cast aluminum chassis that is finished with a cast aluminum Such original design, the establishment of Kejie's unique product appearance; at the same time, it has high-speed image recognition, non-contact linear motor drive, leaky cable wireless industrial communication, high-torque brushless DC drive and other international trend leading technologies.

Taking the 2017 "Mayor's Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix as an opportunity, "2017 Qingdao Industrial Design Week" will be held in Zhongyi 1688 Creative Industry Park from May 22nd to 26th. At that time, Kejie will be the finalist, and will display related products and exhibits to participate in the final evaluation of the Grand Prix and exhibition exchange activities. At the scene, there will also be Kodak staff to introduce the products and communicate with the visitors.

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