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How does the home industry leverage smart logistics? KENGIC gives you a satisfactory answer

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In the era of Industry 4.0, many companies began to use smart logistics as a development direction to improve efficiency and increase production capacity, and actively build smart factories. This inevitable trend has also entered the field of vision of home furnishing companies, causing concern.

 How to make smart logistics service production capacity and make home further smarter, Kejie Logistics has given the best answer to the automated three-dimensional warehouse project created by Sophia Group. Now, Xiaobian will take everyone to find out...

Business growth demand

Sophia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is a pioneer and leading company in China's furniture customization industry. Sophia Home (Hubei) Co., Ltd. is the largest factory under the Sophia Home Furnishing Group. It is located in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, and the company is helping to build an automated warehouse project. herein.

    Sofia Hubei Company's production and radiation sales network covers the central, western and northwestern regions of China. The sales volume is increasing year by year. The development of the business puts higher demands on the production capacity. The traditional production methods have revealed drawbacks. As a supporting production support, intelligent logistics has become an important link in upgrading supply and customer relationships.

Smart devices meet challenges

   To cope with the growth of orders and manage inventory more efficiently, Sofia plans to build an automated warehouse. The total length of the warehouse is 88m and the height is 22m. There are 11 lanes and 8800 cargo spaces. The designed storage capacity is 3000 single/day. In this project, Kejie is responsible for providing the most core equipment – 11 stackers with a height of 21.5m and a maximum load of 1.5 tons. The completion of this project will be of great significance in undertaking Sofia's national sales strategy and increasing sales volume and sales revenue.

Create conditions to ensure performance

   At present, 11 stacking machines at the project site have all been assembled. In addition, in the complicated situation that the shelf construction was not completed, the fire cross construction and the infrastructure construction were not perfect, the Kejie project personnel created their own conditions on the site, completed the lifting test of 5 stackers, and completely completed a stacking. The walking and lifting test of the machine laid the foundation for the entire commissioning work.

    At the same time, the project personnel completed the debugging of extremely complicated working conditions such as no-load, full load and load running at the highest position of the stacker. According to the operation of the completed stacker, the maximum running speed of the Kejie stacker under no-load Up to 200m/min, maximum operating speed of 160m/min at full load, acceleration 0.5m/s. During the whole period, the stacker runs stably, accelerates quickly, softens during deceleration, and is accurate in positioning, and effectively overcomes the huge vibration swing caused by the above-mentioned deceleration and positioning when the stacker is too high.

Pay and promise

  During the construction of the entire Sofia project in Huanggang, the project personnel pay close attention to the progress schedule of the customer's total construction period, face the situation of many construction parties, cross-construction, etc., pay attention to guiding other contractors, and consider all aspects of the entire delivery of the library. Construction progress and coordination issues, and rectification of possible risks and technical issues in advance with customers. In the face of complex project situations, Kejie performed extremely well and achieved zero mistakes and zero errors throughout the construction period.

 According to the customer's plan, the Sofia project will enter the joint adjustment and trial production phase in the middle and late June, and enter the production climbing phase in July, and will be officially delivered on August 1. Before the official delivery, Kejie will verify the equipment repeatedly and repeatedly, in order to maximize the performance and stability of the equipment, and deliver the most perfect answer for the customer.


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