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Secondary humidity treatment is time consuming and labor intensive? Kejie Stereo Library helps you bid farewell to traditional storage桎梏

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In the automotive parts, the engine cylinder head is subjected to a large thermal load and mechanical load. In the production process, the sand core is required to be stably produced in a 45% humidity environment, but the conventional sand core mold processing process is rough and simple, time-consuming and laborious. .

After the production of the sand core is completed, the sand core frame is scattered and stacked in the factory area, and then sent to the constant humidity room for secondary treatment before use. This method requires a large area of space, which wastes space; complex processes also increase the labor consumption of secondary treatment, resulting in reduced efficiency; most importantly, the length of time that the core holder is stored outside is not First, the time of the corresponding secondary treatment is also different, and the quality requirements of the sand core cannot be guaranteed.

In order to solve this problem, Kejie Logistics and Wuhan Ruiming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. came together and began to plan to build a new digital constant temperature sand core library. Taking into account the particularity of the production and storage of auto parts, Kejie has also analyzed the inventory requirements of Ruiming Auto Company and the requirements for land occupation. An automated factory logistics solution close to the customer's needs came into being.


Key equipment drives the three-dimensional library to operate efficiently

       How does this highly efficient and automated digital constant temperature sand core library consist of equipment and how does it work? Let the small series be fine...

The whole sand core solid library project is a turnkey project, including core equipment and systems such as stacker, chain conveyor, linear shuttle, and WAS system.


● The customer scans the sand core car through the handheld scanner to confirm the car number and the cargo information on the car (including the type and quantity of the goods). The quantity is manually input by the scanner and the type of the goods is scanned and uploaded.

● After the information is confirmed, push the cart to the upper position and press the button to give the confirmation signal.

● After the system receives the signal, the outer chain conveyor of the library rises to the storage height, and the goods are transported to the shuttle, and then the shuttle conveys the goods to the chain conveyor of the warehouse and sends it to the stacker.

● The stacker waits at the pick-up position, automatically picks up the goods after arrival, and delivers the goods to the automatically allocated location of the system.

Out of stock

● When leaving the warehouse, the customer edits the outbound information on the computer to confirm the type and quantity of the goods. The system automatically arranges the stacker to pick up the goods according to the information, and delivers the goods to the outside of the warehouse through the chain conveyor machine and shuttle bus.

      The following video shows this process more intuitively, so stay tuned:

     The whole process is highly automated, without excessive human intervention, users only need to confirm the warehousing situation, cargo information and quantity. This highly automated three-dimensional warehouse fundamentally solves the customer's existing problems, upgrades the production process, and brings a balance between investment, operating costs, and revenue:

★ Automated warehouses have significantly reduced floor space and saved high land costs;

★ The three-dimensional library strictly controls the humidity in the library, guarantees the stability of the storage environment, guarantees the quality of the sand core for a long time, and helps customers to create high-quality products;

★ Automated inbound and outbound operations make cargo search fast and efficient, and labor costs are greatly reduced.

Outstanding performance into the trial phase

      According to the project manager, the project has been completed as a whole, and it has entered the trial operation and acceptance stage. Up to now, the customer has been operating independently for half a month, the overall operation of the project is stable, and the technical indicators have reached the customer specified standards. It is also reported that during the commissioning and trial operation of the project, the relevant departments of the National Development and Reform Commission, Wuhan Municipal Government and Volvo Car Europe Center, Geely Automobile, Dongfeng


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