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Prestigious: KENGIC Logistics won the "China Manufacturing Excellence Logistics Project Case Award" and "China Manufacturing Logistics Innovation Technology Award"

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On March 16, the Asia-Pacific logistics technology magazine "Logistics Technology and Application" held the second seminar on manufacturing supply chain and logistics technology with the theme of "transformation and integration" in Suzhou. Kejie Logistics has outstanding strength and excellence. The performance won the "China Manufacturing Excellence Logistics Project Case Award" and "China Manufacturing Logistics Innovation Technology Award" two awards. The participants of the conference were the top experts in the industry, manufacturing representative enterprises and managers of intelligent logistics equipment enterprises. More than 100 representatives gathered together to exchange ideas and exchanges to explore the upgrading and optimization of manufacturing supply chain and logistics. road.


The transformation and upgrading of modern manufacturing industry towards networked, automated and digital intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend. Logistics, as an important activity throughout the entire life cycle of the product, occupies 60%-70% of the manufacturing process, and its optimization and upgrading needs are also keep growing. Chaos and a single logistics plan will make enterprises face the dilemma of low production efficiency and rising cost pressure. In the era of Internet + and big data, the logistics system of manufacturing industry is bound to be optimized and optimized with the changes in production organization and production processes. .

      In this context, the logistics technology equipment enterprises with intelligent labeling have been highly valued, and the company's production logistics and warehousing logistics have also achieved more effective integration. Kejie Logistics applies the leading logistics equipment experience to the customer projects in the manufacturing industry, from intelligent storage and transportation to warehousing, warehousing, order execution, assembly and delivery, and fully creates intelligent factories for customers to fully drive manufacturing. The level of automation and integration of the industry. Up to now, Kejie has owned Kunshan Zhengxin, Chongqing Fuyang, Shandong Shengtong, Sailong Jinyu, Desai Xiwei, Anji Fujikura, Sophia, Wuhan Ruiming, Hefei Wanli, Luo Jiesite, Shenyang Xinghang, etc. Key corporate customers. Kejie combines the advantages of production logistics and warehousing logistics with intelligent manufacturing, and integrates box transportation, pallet storage, pallet conveying equipment, robotic equipment, control software, etc. into a more intelligent system, and cooperates with customers to adapt to the transformation needs and jointly promote Process reengineering and model innovation.

      The acquisition of the two awards for the company is the industry's recognition of its outstanding contribution to the process of upgrading the logistics of the manufacturing industry, highlighting the effective value of its innovations, can be described as deserved!


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