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KENGIC News | The road to smart transformation of the chemical & fiber industry

Release time:2024-06-06 Browse:197

The chemical industry is one of pillar industries in China, and its development speed and scale affect all aspects of social economy.

Recently, the chemical sector has become a hot spot in China capital market. Many research reports believe that China chemical industry expansion has significantly receded, and profitability has bottomed out and rebounded. Advances in the chemical and even chemical fiber industries are mainly focused on digitization, decarbonization and automation, with the Internet of Things further promoting a high degree of connectivity between various equipment to improve material quality, asset performance and worker safety. Companies in this industry generally have the following concerns when it comes to warehouse automation and intelligent transformation.


Storage Space Optimization Requirements

There are many types of polyethylene products, and the specifications and sizes of different products vary greatly. Traditional warehousing does not utilize storage space well and cannot meet high-density storage needs.


Information Tracing

So-called warehousing is not simply the accumulation of materials. It needs to be closely integrated with production, sales and other links to achieve information sharing and collaboration. However, the traditional warehousing model makes it difficult to achieve the effect of information exchange.


Security Management

Due to specific physical and chemical properties, such as density, melting point, flammability, etc., how to ensure safety during automated warehousing transformation is a topic of general concern in the industry.


Operation Efficiency

The traditional "manual + forklift" model limits operational efficiency and poses concerns about human errors and safety hazards.

In response to the above storage concerns that are common in the chemical and chemical fiber industry, KENGIC has given targeted answers with considerable industry experience. For example, in the conventional operation process of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, in the raw material and winding molding process, a solution for the entire process from the arrival of raw materials and auxiliary materials to the production line, and then to loading and shipping has been formulated, achieving the effect of lean layout and digital intelligence integration mode.

Empower client build an integrated smart warehousing + loading system


Automatic conveying and sorting




Automatic loading

Empower client build gas explosion-proof AS/RS


Raw Material Area


Finished-product Area

The chemical and fiber industry needs to continue to innovate to maintain its competitive advantage in the face of fierce competition and changes in consumer demand. In the production technology innovation process, KENGIC combines core products with software platforms, integrates customer needs with accumulated experience, and customizes flexible, unmanned and efficient solutions for each industry customer through its own core technology and rich industry experience.

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