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KENGIC News | The road to smart transformation of the auto parts industry

Release time:2024-05-30 Browse:233

With the continuous improvement of domestic auto parts manufacturing level and the development of new energy vehicles, the auto parts industry has also developed rapidly. According to the analysis of China Business Industry Research Institute, the revenue of the auto parts manufacturing industry will reach 4.6 trillion CNY in 2024.

Although China has become a major automobile production and sales country in the world, the development of auto parts lags behind the vehicle industry. Compared with world-renowned auto parts companies, domestic auto parts manufacturers still have a certain gap. The production technology and automation level of domestic auto parts manufacturers are still relatively low. Against the background of rising labor costs, it has become a factor restricting the rapid development of most auto parts manufacturers.


Warehouse management is lagging behind

The traditional management model is not only inefficient, but also has high management costs. In addition, manual operations make it impossible to ensure the ultimate accuracy in the entire management process.


Inconsistent accessory specifications

There are many types of parts with different specifications, which requires automated warehousing equipment to have a high degree of flexible design capabilities to meet the needs of materials of different sizes, shapes and weights.


Precise sorting of accessories

For the traditional warehousing model, it is a very difficult task to store many different categories of materials in one area and select and ship materials out of the warehouse quickly and in large quantities as needed.


Special safety requirements

Automotive electronic components are sensitive to static electricity and need to be protected from ESD to protect the components and ensure the safety of the vehicle. The rigorous requirements for ESD protection, dust protection, and waterproofing have brought certain challenges to traditional storage methods.

Based on the above industry attributes, as well as the site size, ground load capacity, work area restrictions and other conditions of different customers, KENGIC provides the best design solution in a targeted manner. In the raw material preparation in automotive wiring harness processing, the heat treatment of parts in automotive transmission processing and the finished product packaging, we help customers achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Empower industry leaders build 

a tote multi-shuttle AS/RS smart warehousing


Connecting parts production line & assembly line


Auto Storage


Auto Sorting

Empower the industry's leading listed companies build automated 5G AS/RS


Tote Storage Area


Pallet Storage Area

Looking at the development of intelligent warehousing in the entire automotive parts industry, the demand for digital transformation, reducing industry operating costs, and improving warehousing efficiency is gradually increasing. For automotive parts manufacturers, how to find the key points of automation transformation that suits them is also a task left to industry customers. We firmly believe that the industry benchmark projects we have built in the past can solve urgent problems for industry customers and help customers complete important transformations for future development.

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