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"Worry-free Factory" - The road to smart transformation of the home furnishing industry

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With the improvement of service requirements on the demand side of the home furnishing industry and the increasing competition pressure in domestic and foreign markets, the customers in this industry choose to use automated warehousing to improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve service quality to better adapt to the market and competitive environment.

So, what problems does the home furnishing industry face in the process of upgrading from the traditional warehousing model to the "smart" warehousing model? We have identified “common industry problems” from the cases we have served in the past.


Wide range of categories

The range of home products is wide, including panel furniture, sofas, mattresses, bathroom ware, supporting hardware, etc. Each major category has a variety of goods.


Widely differentiated specifications

The wide range of categories leads to huge differences in cargo specifications in its warehousing links. For example, small mattresses below 1 meter can be matched with sliding doors for wardrobes above 4 meters.


Multi-part combination

Home products are made up of multiple components, and a single component can even be used in multiple products. Therefore, supporting scenarios such as cargo packaging and sorting & picking are complex and cumbersome.


Need customized flexible production

With the rise of customized home furnishings, more companies need to store more subdivided products, which puts forward higher requirements for flexible production.

In response to the pain points and needs of the above industries, KENGIC develop a detailed planning process and solution map. From raw board loading and unloading, electronic sawing to labeling, edge banding, and punching, to picking, sorting, and finished product loading and unloading, the entire process allows warehousing to exert higher production value.

Empower the customized home furnishing industry create a new digital manufacturing format


AS/RS Area


Sorting Area


Order Inbound Area

Empower the software home furnishing industry create automated storage for over-long/large materials


Pallet Conveying In/outbound Area


Single/double Station RGV In/outbound Area

KENGIC focuses on providing intelligent large-piece logistics solutions for the home furnishing industry, providing end-to-end customized intelligent manufacturing and intelligent warehousing solutions for home furnishing companies.

The service projects include the finished product warehouse or plate warehouse of customized home furnishings.

Relying on existing industry experience, we strive to help more furniture industry companies achieve their intelligent transformation goals. For more customized industry solutions, welcome to the Guangzhou LET (May 29-31). We look forward to meeting you there!


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